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Most Common Cuisines Served in Jack London Square Restaurants

In the past few years, Oakland’s waterfront district has seen some popular restaurants open in Jack London Square. Whether you’re looking for a delicious meal or something fun to do, you can find it here!

Several urban wineries and breweries have opened in the area, alongside inventive dining establishments and local seafood spots. This district is named after the American author Jack London and has a long history of recreation and entertainment.



Named after Oakland’s famous literary son, Jack London Square is a waterfront shopping and dining district with an edgy street-art vibe. It’s also a popular destination for tourists and locals who want to escape downtown Oakland’s hustle and bustle.

There are many different cuisines served in london square restaurants, but the most common is seafood. You can find seafood ranging from crab, lobster, shrimp, and oysters to scallops and sashimi.

One of the most recent additions to Jack London Square’s restaurant scene is Seabreeze on the Dock, which sources seafood from sustainable fisheries. Its menu clearly states which items are farmed and wild-caught to ensure they’re environmentally sustainable.


When it comes to vegetarian cuisines, Oakland has a lot to offer. Many fine dining restaurants have long been committed to vegan-friendly cuisines, and many casual eateries now offer plant-based burgers, burritos, and other meatless mainstays.

Jack London Square is a great place to find restaurants and bars, many offering waterfront views. Thanks to a young professional population, the waterfront shopping and dining district is growing again.

One of the best places to eat is Souley Vegan, which offers vegan interpretations of classic soul food dishes. They also have a Sunday brunch that’s perfect for those who are vegan or want a healthy, plant-based start to the day.


Indian restaurants in Jack London Square serve cuisines from different regions of the country, all rooted in simple recipes that pack a flavorful punch. While each region has its signature dishes and styles, many common ingredients and spices are universal to all Indian cuisines.

Often, the most popular Indian dishes are served with various accompaniments, including bread, dips, and sauces. The most commonly recognized Indian bread is naan, a soft, bubbly flatbread made from unleavened dough that is either baked or fried and can be enjoyed as an appetizer or to soak up the rich curries and gravies found in most Indian dishes.


The mix of different cultures and traditions has created an exciting melting pot of flavors in Jack London Square.

In addition to corn and beans, other ingredients that make up traditional Mexican food include chili peppers, garlic, onions, paprika, chile powder, cactus, jicama, and guacamole.

Tacos are the most common dish in Mexican restaurants, with hundreds of fillings. From beef steak to fried brains, chorizo, machaca burritos, offal, and al pastor, tacos are one of the best ways to experience the various varieties of Mexican food!

Other popular Mexican dishes include adobadas (pork or chicken stewed in a special adobo sauce), mole, gorditas, enchiladas, pozole and ceviche.


American cuisine is a diverse mix of dishes and styles from many countries. It is a great way for Americans to connect with their heritage.

As immigrants came to the United States from various nations and cultures, they brought their traditions, clothing, language, and food. This has helped to create a rich American culinary tradition.

Some of the most common cuisines served in Jack London Square Restaurants are Tex-Mex, Creole, barbecue, and traditional American dishes like apple pies, pizza, runzas, chowder, and hamburgers. Although some of these dishes originated in other countries, they have been significantly altered by the American people to become so popular that they are now considered archetypically American.