No deposit bonuses

In today’s world, people are increasingly opting for online casinos, but they are faced with a difficult choice, as the variety of platforms available is fabulously large. For this reason, various online casinos are faced with an important question: how to attract players specifically to their product. As a marketing scheme, the idea of providing new users with bonuses, which are now considered to be an integral part of the online gambling business, emerged. It’s not uncommon to come across various attractive offers when choosing a casino, such as 50 no deposit free spins. But what do these attractive offers mean and what do they stand for?


What are no deposit bonuses?

A no deposit bonus is a type of advantage, usually in the form of money to play games or free spins, given to a client at an online casino like สล็อต for free for registering or taking a specific action. Online casinos widely use this technique to attract or encourage customers. In most cases, no deposit bonus is given to new users at the casino, those who created their first account on the platform. The most common form of no-deposit bonus is free spins like the Leo Vegas $5 Bonus, the spectrum of their action applies to slots. At the same level as this bonus is also charging a certain amount to the player, its range of action is often wider. However, not only for registration can be given no deposit bonus, more details about this below.

What is the advantage of no deposit bonus

Online casinos are likely to have questions along the following lines: “Why does an online casino offer free services to its players without any profit and whether it’s cheating?”. In fact, the fears are unnecessary – no deposit bonuses are first of all marketing, attracting attention. When a player sees an offer to try Fortune’s favor without spending his money, he is highly likely to take advantage of this opportunity. Plus, the excitement wakes up instantly when a player realizes that he can increase his winnings with the funds he was given, rather than that he had to invest at his own risk. No deposit bonus – a competent strategy for awakening excitement in the players.
In addition, it should be understood that the online casino market is not represented by 5 or 10 platforms, there are many more and it is difficult for a new user in the industry to understand which casino has more favorable and attractive offers. One of the tools to help in the selection in this situation and become no deposit bonuses – the player has a unique opportunity to play without investing his money, he tests the casino services, sees the variety of the proposed site. For example, a player receives a £10 no deposit bonus upon registration and most often sees a list of games where he can use his bonus, he chooses a game and without spending his money examines the interface, the offer of the games, the opportunity to try out the service possibilities – all this is safe for personal finances of the player and what is important incredibly profitable, because £10 no deposit bonus can be repeatedly increased and the money received for nothing can be withdrawn.
Convenient navigation and data on the certification of online casinos inspire confidence and interest of the player, he can become a regular customer on the platform.

Types of no deposit bonuses

A little bit above, we found out that among the most common and being on the lips of many are free spins and cash rewards for registering a new user at an online casino. However, the list of nice bonuses is not limited to this. Various casinos have a variety of additional no deposit bonus offers. Consider what no deposit bonuses exist in the casino world:

  • Registration Bonus – we looked at it above, the main feature is to provide a bonus exclusively to new users. If you try to create a second online casino account, it will be treated as a conditional “duplicate” of your main account and you will not be able to double the easy benefits, on the contrary – transactions, bonuses, promotions and even deposits will be canceled, blocked or confiscated. Registration, or welcome, bonuses are widespread in the field of online casinos in the form of free spins and bonus money to play.
  • Referral program – the essence of such a bonus is quite simple, online casinos can offer you to invite a friend or several and in case of their successful registration on the site it is you who will receive a nice no deposit bonus
  • Birthday Bonus – Some casinos practice using birthday bonuses, but often not all customers are available for such gifts, but only active casino players. In addition, a complete registration and verification on the site, as without it will not be clear when to provide free spins or bonus money to mark your birthday.
  • Verification bonus – such a bonus can be obtained immediately after full registration and mandatory confirmation of data with an identity document. For such a simple procedure in the personal cabinet players often can get free spins.
  • Loyalty bonus – here plays a role loyalty program casino and the number of statuses. The higher the status of the player in such a program – the higher and more attractive may be no deposit bonuses and conditions for their subsequent wagering and withdrawal.
  • Significant date for the online casino can be different events, such as the anniversary of the opening of the online casino, or the receipt of a new casino game. To increase the intensity of the games and the opportunity to test new options, players are given no deposit spins or money.

What’s worth knowing when using a no deposit bonus

There are 3 main things to know that will make life much easier for a new online casino player who has received a no deposit bonus, among them:

  • Wager is the main category within no deposit bonuses. Literally, it is a coefficient that indicates how much money a player needs to bet to be able to withdraw profits from his account. This information is always available on the site and is not something secret, rather, it’s a standard guarantee for the casino that you’ll play, and for you to increase your potential profit.
  • Wagering time – Each bonus has a fixed wagering time. Often bonuses are activated automatically after registration, but there are also manual activation. Most often set a period of 3-5 days, during this period it is necessary to produce the wagering bonuses, otherwise there is a risk of burning bonus-free.
  • List of games – often casinos set a limited list of games, in which you can use your no deposit bonus. This is also publicly available information, in the very terms of such benefits is always specified a list of games in which bonuses can be used.