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Redesigning an Old Home Garage From the Floor Up

Stuck with an old garage in Denver and wondering what to do with it? Redoing the flooring surface can make a big difference and there are lots of options. Epoxy flooring for a garage can dramatically change how it looks, feels and even performs. That might seem like an odd thing for a garage floor, but it really does have a function. It’s a place to park a car, put storage, provide protection from the outside and room to test and practice working on things. But even cement as a surface can be damaged over time. Stains, liquids, traffic, road grit, tire rubber and more take a toll over time, and it reduces the welcoming appearance of a garage.


How Does a Garage Improve?

Well, short answer, garages don’t improve themselves. Instead, it takes a bit of thinking and vision about what a homeowner wants for an improvement. And, worse, many garages are first obtained unfinished even in new homes. An unfinished garage means the cement is bare, the walls are barely finished if at all, and there is no completion of the floor to the walls. This is considered normal as most garages are treated as just a place to park the car. This approach leaves a homeowner with one of the biggest rooms in a home that gets used the least.

Epoxy is a Proven Flooring

When it comes to industrial cement flooring treatment, epoxy has been around for decades. Factories, facilities, industrial buildings, hospitals and many more structures have used epoxy treatment as a finish for their flooring. It’s easy to clean, it penetrates and protects the cement thoroughly, and epoxy lasts a lot longer than pain and even tile flooring. Additionally, epoxy doesn’t need complicated installation; it literally paints onto the cement after the surface has been treated for proper adhesion.

For homes, concrete epoxy flooring in Denver is very available and doable. With a professional team application, the concrete can be treated correctly so that the entire process has the highest rate of success. Preparation is actually a huge key in good application, especially with making sure the cement bonds with the epoxy. Contaminants can get in the way of that bonding, so grinding of the cement is essential to get to a bare new surface when the epoxy gets applied. In fact, many experts will argue that cleaning by grinding the top surface is probably one of the most critical factors.

Once ready, the new epoxy soaks in with the foundation layer, and the top layers add protective cover and durability. The entire process, when applied correctly, works so well, it has been a proven flooring choice for cement for years.

Advantages Galore

Probably the most immediate benefit of epoxy flooring will be how easy it is to clean. Liquids don’t penetrate it and both water-based and oil-based spills can be removed easily without stains. Epoxy is also long-lasting and takes a beating before it allows a breakthrough to the actual cement underneath. Epoxy creates a wonderful barrier to dirt, grit, road tracking, tire scuff and more. So, if you want a big change for Denver garage flooring near me, give epoxy a serious thought. You might be so happy with it afterwards. The big question of why not sooner might come up too.