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Solutions to a Lack of Space at Home

Do you feel like no matter how much stuff you get rid of, there’s never enough space in your home? You are no different from many others. With the ever-increasing cost of living and no room to expand our homes, many of us are struggling with the lack of storage space in our homes.

Fortunately, some solutions can be implemented to help make more space without having to move elsewhere. You can, for instance, look to Ezstorit to help provide you with the solution. They are in the business of renting out self-storage units that can be the equivalent of that extra room for you.

We shall look to discuss some practical solutions for dealing with insufficient space at home due to an accumulation of items over time.


Outsourcing Storage Needs

One solution is to outsource your storage needs by using a self-storage facility. This kind of facility provides safe, secure, and affordable options for storing all kinds of items that no longer fit into your home due to space constraints. Finding local self-storage companies to hold your items is a lot easier nowadays due to online searches that can help you find one that suits your requirements.

They are great for holding seasonal items such as sports gear, gardening tools, and Holiday decorations. Renting a unit with someone like Slate Storage allows for items to be easily accessed at any time and it also frees up precious space at home.

If you want to protect and preserve your items better anyway, then they can be better off inside a temperature-controlled unit that keeps them at not just the right temperature but a constant one.

Renting a Container

If self-storage is not an option, then renting a shipping container is another way to store items no longer needed in the home. Shipping containers provide secure storage that can be put anywhere on your property or even kept at a friend’s house. This gives you the added benefit of being able to transport your belongings, if needed, and use the container for other purposes such as an extra workspace or a garden shed.

It depends on how permanent you want the solution to be. With any kind of container, you get to choose the size and can change your mind if more storage space is required.

Rethinking Your Space

No matter how small your home is, it can still be used effectively for storage solutions. Consider wall-mounted shelves, under-bed storage containers, and hanging organizers as a way to maximize the use of your existing space.

You can also buy furniture with built-in storage compartments or purchase a bed frame that provides drawers underneath for additional capacity.

Think about the furniture inside your house more and the purpose it is serving. Wardrobes do not have to be used for just clothes because they can house other items too. This can generally be the top or bottom of a wardrobe that perhaps houses hats at the top or shoes at the bottom inside a rack. It depends on how much hanging room you need for long lengths of clothing.

Home Improvements

Building an extension or having a fitted kitchen are two of the more expensive ways of gaining some household space.

Extensions create an extra room that can be the equivalent of another outbuilding or a self-storage unit at home. Except that they do not tend to have all the extra facilities, like climate-controlled conditions or enhanced security.

Fitted kitchens make good use of space by keeping the appliances together without gaps in between and placing them in convenient locations. As well, cupboards are built into the house with kitchen utensils and crockery. They are well thought out to make the best use of kitchen space and are generally fitted by professionals who know the business of space saving inside out.


By considering these solutions and utilizing available resources, no matter how small your home, it can be used efficiently and effectively for storage. There is no need to feel overwhelmed with no space at home; these solutions will help make more room without having to move to a larger property.

If you need another room, you can build or rent it close to home. The nearer the better for access that is convenient.