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The Benefits of Regular Sewer Mainline Maintenance

Regular sewer mainline maintenance is crucial for various reasons. It can help prevent clogs, water backups, and other plumbing issues.

Due to soil shifting, several factors can cause residential sewer lines to back up, including tree roots, grease accumulation, and bellied piping. Sewer line system preventative maintenance is the key to addressing these issues before they lead to expensive repairs or loss of use of your plumbing fixtures.


Increased Water Flow

One of the benefits of regular sewer mainline Los Angeles CA maintenance is increased water flow. This is great for homeowners because it means more wastewater can be discharged to the treatment plant or septic tank.

If your home has a sewer line, it connects to the city’s main line. The homeowner usually owns the sewer line, though it may be shared with nearby neighbors.

Tree roots: The sewer line can get clogged by tree roots that grow in the pipe. This is a common problem, and it can be prevented by having the sewer line snaked and cutting the tree roots at least once a year.

FOG: Fats, oils, and grease are also common causes of clogs in the sewer line. This is because they make it easy for other food particles to stick to the pipe walls and harden.

A clogged sewer line will not let any sewage out, so it will back up into your drains and fixtures. This can be unpleasant, but it should be dealt with immediately by a professional plumber.

Reduced Risk of Clogs

Regularly conducting essential drain maintenance and sanitizing your sewer line can drastically reduce the risk of clogs. This includes removing hair, paper towels, and other waste from toilet drains and running water through all the pipes to flush out debris.

The most common cause of clogs is grease, fats, or oils stuck in your sewer lines. Grease can even harden and solidify when it reaches your main sewer line, preventing any wastewater from moving through.

Another potential culprit is tree roots that can worm their way into your main sewer line over time. The roots seek rich nutrients that can easily be found inside your sewer line.

This can lead to severe problems for your home’s main sewer line. The roots can damage the pipe, causing clogs or leaks.

Lower Water Bills

If you are concerned about your water bill, you might be surprised to learn that mainline sewer maintenance can save you money. It might seem counterintuitive, but a lot of sewer problems can be prevented by having a professional do regular inspections and cleanings.

Those cleanings and examinations will help to detect potential problems before they develop into more significant issues and higher repair or replacement costs.

This is especially true for the lateral sewer line, which typically runs beneath your street or on a neighboring easement that connects your house to the public main sewer line.

Even though the lateral isn’t technically on your property, you – not the city – are responsible for maintaining and repairing it. This includes keeping the lateral line free of roots and debris that could damage it.

Reduced Risk of Property Damage

Sewage backups is among the most common problems associated with a damaged sewer mainline. These often wreak havoc on the plumbing and can cause property damage.

The most frequent culprits behind sewage backups include hair, toilet paper, soap scum, grease, and soap scum. You can take specific actions to assist in stopping them from happening, though.

Another frequent reason for clogged sewers is tree roots. They can pierce sewer pipes, reducing the pipe’s flow capacity and trapping debris.

Ground shifts in the area can also wreak havoc on sewers. For these situations, a full excavation may be needed.

Fortunately, a great way to prevent this issue is by receiving regular sewer line maintenance. This maintenance will ensure the system is in good working order, so you don’t have to deal with clogs and water backups. This can save you money in the long run.