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The Perks of Glass Replacement vs Buying a New Window

Are you thinking of replacing your window?

If you live in a house with old windows, it’s a good idea to consider replacing them with new ones. They’re not energy-efficient, so they’re prone to letting the cold weather in. Moreover, they’re vulnerable to getting broken, especially if you live in an area prone to storms.

Luckily, you can choose one of two things to do–you can either replace the broken window or buy a new one. While buying a new window is the more effective option, there’s something grand about glass replacement that you’ll love.

What are the perks of choosing glass repair vs window replacement? Find out below.


When Should You Replace Your Home Windows?

When it comes to windows, homeowners need to pay attention to when it is time to replace them. Here are the main economic motivators that indicate when windows should be replaced:

Your Windows Are Visibly Damaged

Replacing home windows that are visibly damaged is an important safety measure for any homeowner. If a window is cracked, broken, or the seals around the windowpanes are damaged, then the risk of air or water leakage can be heightened.

In addition, the insulation capabilities of a damaged window are reduced substantially. If a window is damaged and not replaced, it can create uncomfortable living conditions.

Your Windows Are Drafty

When your windows are drafty, it is time to replace them with energy-efficient windows. Drafty windows will not provide the insulation your home needs to keep warm air in and cold air out. This will eventually lead to lower energy efficiency and higher heating bills.

Drafty windows may also signify that the glass or window seals are no longer effective, which can result in increased moisture, mold and mildew growth in your home.

High Electric Bills

Home windows that have seen better days should be replaced for the purpose of reducing energy bills. If windows are drafty, warped, or leaking, the resulting loss of energy can be significant and can lead to inflated electric bills.

Along with other strategies such as proper window treatments and weather stripping, your yearly energy usage can be reduced by several hundred dollars.

Condensation Forms On The Inside of Your Windows

When condensation forms on the inside of your home windows, it is usually a sign that it is time to replace them. This condensation is caused by warming air inside of the house being cooled against the glass of the window.

As the air cools it releases the moisture that it was holding and the moisture then condenses on the colder surface of the window glass. This condensation is usually accompanied by foggy surfaces or even water droplets.

Faded Carpet & Furniture Around Your Windows

When it comes to deciding when to replace your home windows, faded carpet, and furniture around your windows it can come down to a few factors. If the windows, carpet, and furniture began to show signs of age such as fogging, warping, fading, or separating, it may be time to start thinking about replacing them.

The faded carpet and furniture can also be signs that it’s time to look into replacing the windows. Keep an eye on the weatherstripping, caulking, and seals to ensure that they are still in good condition.

Your Windows Don’t Dampen Sound

Windows help to keep the climate inside your home comfortable, but they also help to keep sound in and out of your home. If your windows are not dampening sound, your home may be a noisy space.

In order to create a peaceful atmosphere, it is important to replace your windows if they don’t dampen sound. Signs that your windows are not damping sound include: hearing ambient noise from outside your home, echoing and reverberant sound within your home, and hearing noise from other rooms in your home.

When Is Glass-Only Replacement The Best Option?

When is glass-only replacement the best option instead of buying new windows? There are several reasons why replacing is much better than buying a whole new windows. Keep on reading below:

Quicker Solution

Glass-only replacement is a great option for those looking for a quick solution to window replacement. It is a process that allows for a single otherwise undamaged window frame to have its glass components removed and replaced with new, insulated glass safely and quickly.

This process eliminates the need for a full window frame replacement, allowing for quicker installation and less time needed for construction. It also allows for less disruption to your home life; only the glass is affected, meaning clients won’t have the concerns of having their homes exposed to the outside world.

Cost Competitive

Glass-only replacement is often the best option for those looking for cost competitive window replacement. Glass-only replacement means buying only the glass portion of the window, leaving the frame intact and reusing it, instead of buying an entirely new window.

This is usually far less expensive than buying a new, whole window and can be the best option for those looking to minimize costs. It is worth noting, however, that only certain windows can be partially replaced.

Warranty Options

Glass-only replacement is often the best option versus buying new windows and dealing with warranty options. Replacing the glass pane is much more affordable than a replacement window installation.

This typically comes with a one-year warranty for any manufacturer defect or installation issues. The warranty includes workmanship performance and glass components. This ensures any installation issues, or other problems that may arise after the job is completed is covered.

Cracks or Damage To One Pane Only

When one single pane of a window is cracked or damaged, glass replacement is often the best option instead of replacing the entire window. This can help to avoid a costly new window installation while providing access to quality materials and professional installation.

Additionally, this option enables homeowners to keep their other panes in place, helping to retain the aesthetic of their existing windows. Glass replacement is often the most practical and financially savvy way of repairing a cracked or damaged windowpane.

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Consider Glass Replacement Starting Today

Glass replacement is a smarter and more cost-effective choice than buying a new window. It not only saves you money but also makes the process of window repair and maintenance faster and hassle-free.

So if your window has broken glass, opt for glass replacement instead of a new window and enjoy the benefits!

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