The Ultimate Guide to Buying Trendy Sneakers for Kids

Kids’ feet change size rapidly, so they need shoes that fit well and provide support as they walk and run around. The best sneakers for kids are comfortable, lightweight, and flexible.

Vox Media product-operations manager Kristin Knight’s son loves these sneakers with a BOA tightening mechanism. “It gives him confidence that he can put them on himself,” she says.


Lightweight and Flexible

The right sneakers can help kids confidently run, jump, skip, and walk. But not all shoes are created equal, so it’s essential to find a style that is light enough to support their active lifestyle and flexible enough to keep up with them.

The best option of sneakers for kids is lightweight and breathable. They’ll also be easy to clean when covered in mud or sand from playing outside. A few brands that offer kids’ sneakers in these styles include Thereabouts, and some brands provide high-quality sneakers that are both lightweight and breathable. The brand’s sneakers feature a padded footbed and a stretchy design that can accommodate various feet, so your child can wear them all year round. The sneakers are also available in a wide range of colors to complement any outfit and can even be worn with socks, making them perfect for colder weather.

Another excellent option for younger kids is the Classic Clog, which is lightweight and breathable. The shoe also has front and back pull-tabs, meaning it’s easy for toddlers or preschoolers to put on and take off all by themselves.

A product operations manager and mom, Kristin Knight, says that this pair of sneakers has given her son an extra boost of independence as he learns to tie his shoes. She says the tightening mechanism is “fascinating” for her son. Plus, the sneakers look fantastic and are less than $50, which makes them a budget-friendly addition to her back-to-school shopping list.


A new pair of sneakers is one item that’s a must-have when stocking up for back-to-school. And while many “modern” options are on the market, classic styles with a timeless feel are always the best pick. Sneakers are more than just an athletic footwear staple; they’re a fashion statement that can make or break an outfit. And a few brands have been successful in the past year with reviving old-school designs. The sneakers’ 90s-leaning design will look great with jeans and T-shirts or a lovely dress.

Another classic option matching various outfits. The monochrome color scheme and toe perforations are simple enough to complement most looks, while the cushioned lining will keep your kiddo comfortable all day long.

Meanwhile, a sneaker kind is a more sustainable option to help your kid earn eco-street cred. The sneakers’ uppers are made from suede and recycled polyester (from 100 percent plastic bottles), while the padded footbed provides comfort and arch support..

Bold Colors and Patterns

Sneakers have long been a favorite shoe for kids. They are easy to slip on, comfortable, and versatile for school or play. However, choosing a shoe designed with kids in mind is essential. Kids are active, so shoes must be sturdy enough to support them through a full day of activities. Shoes that are too small or have a loose fit can lead to blisters. Ballerina flats and plimsolls are cute but may not provide the support needed for a child’s foot.

Kids’ sneakers are getting a technological upgrade with shock-absorbing soles, moisture-wicking fabric, and GPS-tracking technology to give parents peace of mind. Some brands even offer a tightening mechanism for kids to put on their shoes without assistance.

Whimsical prints and patterns also steal the spotlight in kids’ footwear, giving little trendsetters a chance to express themselves. This fun trend will also help them learn to recognize and differentiate colors at a young age, which is essential for their visual development.

If you want trendy sneakers for your child, check out the selection online. The selection includes sneakers for boys and girls that combine lightness with the trend for eco-friendly materials and basic white or bold statement colors. Kids will love the variety of styles and colors available, so why not let them pick a pair that makes them happy?

Sustainable Materials

If you’re shopping for kids, you know they need shoes that withstand stomps, skips, and jumps. And they need to look great. Fortunately, many sneaker styles are available that meet these needs and more.

For example, recyclable plastic and organic cotton are used to make eco-friendly shoes. These sustainable sneakers will help protect the planet for your kids and future generations.

In addition, sustainable fabrics like linen and hemp are an excellent choice for kids’ clothes. These fabrics are more comfortable than synthetics, breathable, and won’t cause any skin irritation. They’re also more environmentally friendly, as they biodegrade and don’t release harmful microplastics into the water supply.

Similarly, a sustainable shoe brand offers stylish, functional, and sustainable styles. For example, they have high-top sneakers that are perfect for school. They have a faux snakeskin sneaker for a casual style that adds a bit of rock ‘n ‘ roll to any outfit.

And if your child still needs to learn to tie their shoes, there are plenty of slip-on options, too. For instance, some sneakers are versatile movement tools that help children build strength and coordination while encouraging creativity. They’re crafted from sustainably harvested rubberwood, which helps to reduce carbon emissions and promotes the use of renewable resources.