The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Catering Services in Lawrence, KS

If you’re looking to hire catering services in Lawrence, KS, for your next event, you’ll want to ensure you choose the right professionals. These companies are responsible for creating customized menus, preparing and cooking the food, and serving guests throughout the event. They are committed to delivering delicious eats that will leave your guests talking about the experience long after the event.


Know Your Budget

When choosing a catering Lawrence KS, you must weigh the price and quality. Doing your research is the best way to know if you’re getting a good deal. Check online sources and ask friends for recommendations.

A budget can help narrow your catering options by setting a maximum amount per meal. Be sure to scan for any hidden costs or upsells. 

Full-service catering companies will work with you on the menu, order rentals, and facilitate staffing before the event. They’ll also serve your guests a plated or buffet meal and clean up afterward. A full-service caterer can be more expensive, but it’s worth the peace of mind knowing that everything will go smoothly. They can even save you time and stress with their planning expertise.

Know Your Venue

The venue for your event will have much to do with the catering you want. The caterer you choose must have experience working with your particular venue, as it can help them ensure everything goes smoothly and the food is presented perfectly.

Some venues have an approved caterer list. The caterers on the list are familiar with the space and have done events at that location before.

Other venues are more rustic and have multiple indoor spaces accommodating guests. The venue can provide tables, chairs, decor, and audiovisual equipment for your event. They also offer on-site catering and alcohol service.

Know Your Guest List

When choosing a catering services, knowing how many guests will attend your event is essential. It will help you determine the type of menu and service staff required. Some catering companies have a minimum guest count they will cater to to be cost-effective, so make sure you find out upfront if this is the case. Also, ask if the caterer can accommodate dietary restrictions or food allergies. It’s becoming more common for guests to have these restrictions, so it’s essential to be prepared!

Know Your Catering Style

Choosing a catering service that can accommodate the style of your event will make the whole day run much more smoothly. Many different catering services are available, ranging from food trucks to full-service restaurants and everything in between. Plated dining services are typically reserved for more formal events like weddings, fundraisers, galas, and other ceremonial or official occasions. This type of catering is fancier and more expensive than different styles. It requires more setup, cleaning, waitstaff, and white glove service.

Know Your Expectations

Regarding catering services, the quality of food and service can make or break an event. Make sure you know your expectations before hiring a caterer. A professional catering company should consistently deliver on its promises and strive to exceed expectations.

Caterers who have worked in your venue and with your type of guests are more likely to be flexible regarding last-minute changes. You can also ask for examples of how they handled unexpected food allergies or dietary restrictions in the past.