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Top Considerations to Note  When Buying a Second-Hand Commercial Fridge for Sale

A commercial refrigerator that’s reliable and efficient is crucial to any restaurant’s smooth operations. However, due to the steep prices of new models, many business owners are looking toward used commercial refrigerators. 

Finding the right used commercial refrigerator for your business can be difficult. Therefore, considering some factors to ensure you get the best value for your money is vital!

Below, we’ll discuss the vital factors to consider when purchasing a top-notch second-hand commercial fridge for sale that’ll suit your restaurant’s every need.

6 Factors to Consider When Buying Second-Hand Commercial Fridges

Before purchasing a commercial fridge in Brisbane, it’ll be best to consider these crucial factors: 

  1. Age and Condition 

Age and condition should be considered when shopping for a second-hand commercial fridge for sale. A refrigerator over a few years old may be less energy efficient, utilise outdated technology, and experience frequent breakdowns. 

As such, evaluate the refrigerator’s physical condition, looking for neglect indicators such as dents, scratches, or rust.

  1. Capacity 

Before purchasing a second-hand refrigerator for your restaurant, take precise measurements of the available kitchen area and ensure the format you’re considering fits without affecting movement and air circulation.

As a restaurant owner, consider how many people you serve weekly and if you require extra storage to preserve perishable items. If your business has grown and fields numerous customers daily, ensure that the commercial fridge for sale you purchase has enough space for the food and drinks you regularly stock. 

  1. Temperature Regulation 

Prioritise second hand commercial fridges for sale with top-tier temperature regulation controls. Using this add-on, you can easily adjust temperatures to the level required for storing foods and beverages.

Most commercial fridges with temperature regulation controls feature an intuitive screen, letting you monitor internal temperatures and make adjustments with one tap.

Ensure the refrigerator has an alarm that goes off if the internal temperatures rise or fall below the normal range. Thus, you’ll know what changes benefit stored food items and beverages. 

  1. Longevity

Pick a second-hand commercial fridge that can service your restaurant’s busy schedule for extended timelines without breaking down.

Ensure your chosen second-hand commercial fridge is made of high-quality materials and has a sturdy build. Additionally, check the compressor to see if it works as intended. If you notice any damage or deterioration, it’s a sign the unit wasn’t properly maintained. 

  1. Price

Look around for good deals when purchasing a second-hand commercial fridge for sale. Note that the prices of used commercial refrigerators can range widely. Thus, compare and contrast prices from different vendors. 

When conducting price evaluations, consider the unit’s age and condition. A newer, better-maintained commercial refrigerator may be expensive initially. Still, this variant could save you money in the long run due to its higher efficiency and reduced chances of breaking down. 

  1. Transportation

After you’ve validated the above factors and are ready to purchase, consider how you’ll move the unit to your restaurant from the store. To ensure your fridge doesn’t get damaged during transportation, engage a reputable trucking company, as commercial fridges are huge.

However, taking this route might be pricey, especially if your restaurant is far from the store. With this in view, patronise a store within your business’s vicinity. 


Suppose you’re considering second-hand commercial fridges for sale in Brisbane. In that case, it’ll be best to make certain considerations revolving around the unit’s size, capacity, condition, age, and price before making a purchase. 

By considering these vital factors, you’ll be able to buy top-tier second-hand commercial fridges void of regular breakdowns.