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Top Considerations When Selecting a Custom Home Builder

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, moving up or down in size, an empty nester, or finally building that custom dream home, selecting your builder will be your most impactful decision. To help you choose the best custom builder for your project, consider the following Top Considerations:

Tour builders’ model homes and construction sites to examine their quality standards.



Choosing an experienced custom home builder allows you to work with a company that’s honed its craft over time, improving efficiency and the quality of its workmanship. You also want to ensure they know the type of custom home you’re building.

Ask for custom home builder pictures for their past clients as references. While it may seem redundant, talking to these clients will allow you to learn more about the experience of working with this builder.

When you interview a builder’s references, ask about their overall satisfaction with their home and how they feel their builder handled any problems during construction. This will give you an idea of how they prioritize customer satisfaction. This will help you make the best decision for your new home.


A reputable custom home builder has well-honed management systems to help streamline the entire process. This is important because a homeowner only has many daily hours to dedicate to their home-building project. Professional builders have a knack for maximizing those hours so you don’t waste time or money.

Additionally, because they build so many homes in a year, they have developed solid relationships with local suppliers who offer discounts on building materials and fixtures they pass on to their clients. This is a big advantage over someone who is managing their project. It allows them to provide better value and avoid costly mistakes that could delay the completion of your dream home. The result is a seamless construction experience.


When you meet with builders, notice how they respond to your questions. Ask a few key questions about how they manage projects and communicate with their clients.

Look for a builder who takes the time to understand your style and expectations and provides clear answers. Ask them how they work with their design teams and if they have experience building the type of home you’re interested in.

You’ll also want to know how they handle change orders and their process for solving issues that arise during construction. They should have a system to anticipate problems and keep you informed about changes in budget and schedule. They should also be willing to talk about issues with past projects.


Unlike general contractors, homebuilders (especially locals) are more flexible regarding changes during construction. They directly connect with the people building your home and can easily relay updates to you.

When choosing a builder, avoiding leading with a price is important. Instead, find a homebuilder that can explain how different options impact your budget and help navigate choices to stay within your comfort zone.

Another thing that is often overlooked when shopping for homes is location. Finding a site near amenities like restaurants, businesses, schools, or parks can greatly improve your overall satisfaction with your home. With custom homes, you can choose your home’s location to match your lifestyle needs.


While price is always a concern, you must be willing to shop for a builder who understands your lifestyle and budget. Ultimately, building your dream home is a one-time cost that will enrich your life.

Select a builder who communicates clearly and honestly about pricing. You’ll also want a builder with integrity you can trust to work well with and be compatible with your style.

Talk to your builder about their process for estimating costs and how they will handle change orders. They should be able to provide detailed estimates after your plans & specifications are finalized based on hard bids from vendors and subcontractors in their network. This includes permits and fees. It is important to review this information so that everything runs smoothly down the road.