Top Wedding Gift Ideas When You Just Don’t Have a Clue

Being invited to a wedding is a lot of fun, but does come with plenty to think about (and pay for), even as a guest. From your outfit to how you’re getting to the venue to, of course, the gift, there’s a lot to think about. It’s customary to get a gift or pitch in towards a gift, but when there isn’t a registry things can get stressful – fast. Many couples don’t have time to put together a registry, or only ask that you pitch in towards their honeymoon or the wedding itself. This is a perfectly acceptable option, but if you want to bring something on the day, it can leave you floundering.

Not to worry. This guide outlines many great gift ideas for that wedding party when you don’t have a clue where to start:


Delicious Liqueur

A beautiful and delicious Oxton Liqueur alcohol that’s been personalized with the wedding date or a congratulations inscription engraved on it is a great wedding gift that can be enjoyed for ages. If the wedding is small and on a budget, that liqueur can be a great treat for the bride and groom. If the bar is already covered ,then that gift is perfect to save for the anniversary. Either way, it’s a simple, but thoughtful, gift that’s sure to be appreciated.

A Polaroid Camera – Or Just Its Pictures

If you have an instant camera (Polaroid or otherwise), then bring it. Having spontaneous film photos of their big day and their favorite people, alongside the more professional pictures from their photographer, is a wonderful gift. You can give them the photos right away, or keep them and organize them into an album and give it to them later. They will be massively touched to have such a unique gift.

Something for Their Future

The couple are starting a whole new life together, so getting them a gift for their future can be a great treat. Do keep in mind that most couples today do already live together before the wedding, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still treats you can give them as a couple. From luxurious bed sheets to upgrading their current set to even a slow cooker. These everyday household items will be theirs, jointly, and if it’s an upgrade or a new addition, it will be much appreciated.

If you’re interested in getting them something engraved, then look at their door. Get a custom nameplate with their joined names for their door or mailbox to make their home properly, theirs.

Pay for Keepsakes

Give gift cards or pay for services that transform elements of the wedding into keepsakes. You can have the bride’s bouquet pressed into a floral arrangement or dried out for years to come. You can commission an artist to turn one of their wedding photos into a painting. This is a great way to give a gift that will provide amazing memories of their special day.