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Trade Secrets of Professional Landscape Gardeners

Having a vested interest in all things pertaining to gardening and the great outdoors is, for some, only a hobby. Still, for the fortunate few who commit themselves to the process, it is entirely possible to turn your extracurricular activities into a way to make money.

So, if this sounds like you and you are either considering launching a landscaping and gardening business or else you are merely considering your options, you have definitely clicked on the right article.

Here are four trade secrets of professional landscape gardeners.


1.    Walkways Bring Different Elements Together as One

Naturally, not all gardens allow for the addition of a walkway or even a smaller steppingstone path, but if there is room in the area for a walkway, you could not find a more effective way of tying the different elements together.

Constructing a pathway, ideally in the same material as the main house or garage, such as stone or brick, can also afford you the ability to spend time in the garden in the winter months without walking on mud.

Moreover, you could even experiment with lighting either spotted along the pathway or else illuminating the steps from underneath, which is simultaneously aesthetically attractive and functional.

2.    Outdoor Seating is Key

The second best-kept secret of professional landscape gardeners is that no new garden design could ever be complete without outdoor seating and, more specifically, seating that can be used for garden parties and other social functions outdoors.

If the space in your garden allows, consider installing a patio space adjacent to the back door of your property will also allow for a more multi-functional area, either with simple concrete slabs or pavers and stones.

3.    Curved Lines Over Straight Every Time

Taking a quick look over some other landscape designers’ finished aesthetics online will show you that the vast majority of completed spaces include edging, either around the perimeter of the lawn or else around flower beds.

One of the golden rules landscape gardeners across the country always endeavor to follow is to always add texture and depth with curved lines, with crisp and clean edging made possible with materials from arbourlandscapesolutions.co.uk.

Curved lines are especially welcome in the winter months, when plants cease to flower, and trees are bare, as even in the frost, you will still have a beautiful vista on which to lookout from your kitchen window or back door.

4.    Mix and Match Different Types of Plants

Finally, the fourth trade secret that professional landscape gardeners always take great care to abide by is to include a wide variety of plants in terms of size, shape, color, and flowering timetable. 

Choosing different plants that flower at various times throughout the year is a great way to make the most of your garden’s color and visual focal points. For example, for beautiful flowers in the autumn, consider planting a row of Rozanne geraniums which flower from June to October, alongside snowdrops and daffodils for springtime growth.