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What Is the Best Way To Get Rid of Rats?

Did you know that according to the 2019 American Housing Survey, 2.9 million people reported seeing both roaches and rodents in their houses? 

Rats can be some of the terrifying creatures in the world, especially in large numbers. If you see one or two, you can trap them without too much harm. But if you see a rat family, it can be a death sentence for you, and you’ll likely want to find a way to get rid of rats.

If you need help getting rid of rats in your home or building, read on to see the best way to get rid of rats for good.


Use Trapping Methods 

The use of snap traps has been proven to provide the most effective results. It is a humane technique to remove rats without harming them.
Place these traps in locations where you’ve seen or heard rat activity. This should include along walls, behind appliances, and close to food sources.

It’s recommended to set several of these traps to increase effectiveness. It is also important to check and maintain the traps to make sure they are working.

Deter Rats with Natural Deterrents

Plants like rue, mint, and castor bean can be planted around the perimeter of a building as natural rat repellents. You can also use steel wool to block off any entry points they may find around the exterior. Ultrasonic emitting devices can also help to repel rats from the area. 

Hire Professional Extermination Services

Professional extermination services provide the most reliable, efficient, and safe way of eliminating rats from an area. Exterminators have access to the latest pest control technologies. These enable them to identify rat infestations and eradicate them.

Professional exterminators such as Results Pest Control also have the necessary knowledge and experience to use the right traps and baits to get rid of all rats living in an area. They can suggest preventative measures to keep rats away. These include sealing up any entry points and cleaning up after any damaged materials.

Increase Sanitation to Discourage Rodent Activity

Keeping trash bins sealed and keeping areas clean and clutter-free will help keep rats from making a home in your space. Place fitted lids over outside garbage cans and dumpsters. Food scraps should be placed in covered containers and then stored in the refrigerator.

Pet food should be stored in sealed containers. All crumbs should be immediately cleaned off of floors and surfaces. Rats tend to hide in clutter, so make sure to keep all areas free of clutter, eliminating any potential hiding places.

Maintain any landscaping and remove all overgrown vegetation, as it may act as a harborage point for rats. Proper sanitation and maintaining a clean living space is usually the best option when dealing with rat problems.

The Best Way to Get Rid of Rats is Cleanliness

The best way to get rid of rats is to stay on top of sanitization. Make sure all foodstuffs are stored in tightly sealed containers, clean up any spills, don’t leave any food out, and use proper waste management techniques. Check for signs of a rat infestation and taking maintenance steps will help prevent long-term rat problems. 

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