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What Types of CBD Products Are Available Today?

CBD has taken the world by storm. It’s sold almost everywhere, even in countries that haven’t legalized weed. Part of the fun of CBD is the sheer number of different products out there today. You can incorporate CBD into your lifestyle in many different ways. From edibles to topicals, these are the top CBD products today.


·       CBD E-Liquid

Brands like have really brought e-liquid CBD to the forefront. Just as there is cannabis e-liquid, there’s also the CBD equivalent. This is a great way to enjoy the benefits of CBD on the go without the effects that THC can bring about. This means that your CBD e-liquid is appropriate throughout the day, even on a break at work, because it doesn’t cause any “highs”. In contrast, a cannabis alternative is only appropriate at home at night, as long as possessing and consuming where you are legal. Another great alternative that can be taken in small doses through the day is mushrooms. If you would like more information on mushrooms, click here for answers to frequently asked questions.

·       CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are delicious and can also contain other perks like vitamins and nutrients, so you get multiple benefits at once. There are various flavors as well to suit each person’s taste. Another significant advantage of gummies is that they’ll contain the same amount of CBD in each piece, allowing you to control your dosage confidently.

·       CBD Oil

CBD oil is a classic, and for a good reason. The oil can be used in a variety of ways right at home. You can mix it into your current lineup of skincare products, for example, to create CBD topicals. You can also ingest it directly by placing it under your tongue. You can mix it in food and drink as well. Overall, this is one of the more versatile products if you want to use CBD in multiple forms.

·       CBD Topical Treatments

CBD topicals can include creams, lotions, salves, and even balms. In these products, the CBD has been infused with the cream itself, making it a more cohesive mixture than adding oil to your own skincare regimen would offer. CBD topicals might also be beneficial if you have a skin condition or joint pain that you want to try to target directly since you can rub it into your skin where you need it.

·       CBD Isolates


You can also get CBD in an isolated form. Isolates come in several different formats, with one of the most popular options today being wax. This wax is highly concentrated and intended to be eaten. The wax may be specially flavored as well to improve the experience. You can get this wax as a crumble, which looks almost like feta cheese, as a budder, similar in texture to butter, as a live resin, or in a glass form containing a gooey center. Each type is made using a slightly different process. The most potent is the resin, made using a freeze-dried method.


·       Edibles

There are many ways you can consume CBD directly. You can eat it as a gummy or as a wax, or you can add it to your food and drink with the oil. You can, of course, also get CBD already prepared in various sweets or drinks. These ones you’ll find in specialty cafes and even bakeries.