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Why Do Famous People Use OnlyFans?

You might be surprised to learn that many celebrities cannot afford their lifestyle only with their paychecks. Even if they star in a Disney movie or produce a chart-ranking song, many still have to find ways to supplement their income so that they can live lavishly. One way some of them do that is by using OnlyFans.


What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is an online subscription-based platform. Users of OnlyFans can create a profile, asking followers for a monthly fee to unlock their content. The site is primarily used by adult workers sharing adult content, but it can be used for much more! It’s a fast-growing, modern type of social media that’s allowing anyone, from celebrities to regular folk, to make big cash.

So, why is OnlyFans such an attractive social media site, and why do famous people use it? With Bella Thorne, Iggy Azalea, Denise Richards, and many other big names having used the site, you might wonder about the inspiration behind it. Wonder no longer – below are the reasons famous people use OnlyFans.

To Make More Money

OnlyFans is one of the few social media platforms that lets users make money directly from their audience, ensuring they get paid for all their hard work. So famous people that want to earn more from their photographs, art, or videos can do so on this site. There are many creative ways to make money on OnlyFans – far more than just adult content! By setting up an OnlyFans account, those already famous are guaranteed immediate income. Who wouldn’t be interested in that?

To Connect with Fans

Many famous people want to connect with their fans a little more, and OnlyFans allows for that. It’s in the name! The only people that will subscribe are those who already really love the celeb, meaning it creates an exclusive club between the famous person and the followers. When the famous person posts, only their most dedicated fans can see and interact with it.

To Build a Brand

Being on social media, in general, is a great way to build a personal brand. That’s why many celebrities use OnlyFans – to get their name out there more while sharing content with fans. By running an OnlyFans profile by themselves, they have a more direct, personalized influence over how their fans view them.

How Much Money Do Celebs Make on Instagram?

There are a few reasons celebrities choose to sign up for OnlyFans, with one of the biggest reasons being to make more money. So, how much money do they make, really? It’s already been mentioned that Bella Thorne earned an incredible $1 million in her first 24 hours on OnlyFans. Iggy Azalea, the Australian rapper, made an entire $4 million in just two weeks on the platform. When a celeb joins OnlyFans, it’s undoubtedly a lucrative venture!

Whether you want to subscribe to OnlyFans or create a profile for yourself, be sure to check out the site’s terms and conditions before doing so. Used correctly, OnlyFans can be a fun and creative way to make more money.