Dwayne Johnson’s Encounter with a $3 Billion Kidnapping Lawsuit

Recently, a convoluted legal dispute embroiled Dwayne Johnson, the prominent Hollywood actor, and former professional wrestler, taking the entertainment industry by storm. Unexpectedly, they named Johnson, often referred to by his ring name “The Rock,” as a defendant in a colossal $3 billion kidnapping lawsuit. This comprehensive analysis aims to shed light on the key aspects of this legal controversy and its potential implications on Johnson’s reputation.



Widely recognized for his wrestling prowess and acting talent, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been a household name for decades. His transition from the wrestling ring to the big screen was a testament to his versatile talent and unwavering determination. However, when a legal whirlpool involving a $3 billion kidnapping lawsuit drew Johnson in, it challenged his seemingly untarnished reputation.

The Unanticipated $3 Billion Kidnapping Lawsuit

Trenesha Biggers, a former professional wrestler who performed under the moniker “Rhaka Khan”, filed the lawsuit in question. Biggers’ lawsuit claimed that Johnson, along with his ex-wife and business partner, Dany Garcia, and a plethora of other individuals and entities, were part of an elaborate conspiracy to kidnap her and her children.

The Accusations

The lawsuit alleged that Johnson and Garcia hired individuals to forcibly remove Biggers and her children from their home in Tampa Bay, Florida, and transport them to Miami. Upon her arrival in Miami, Biggers claimed that someone had physically abused and threatened her. The $3 billion kidnapping lawsuit implied someone had orchestrated these actions as part of a broader plot dating back to 2019, when authorities arrested Biggers for allegedly interfering with child custody orders.

The Defendants

The list of defendants in the lawsuit was extensive and varied. Apart from Johnson and Garcia, the lawsuit named several renowned figures from the sports and entertainment industry, including basketball legend Michael Jordan and Billy Corgan. The lawsuit also named numerous federal law enforcement agencies and retail corporations like Victoria’s Secret.

Johnson and Garcia’s Response

In the face of such severe allegations, Johnson and Garcia categorically denied involvement in the alleged incident. Through their legal team, they released a statement expressing their intent to clear their names in court. The statement read, “They stated that ‘they categorically deny any involvement in the alleged incident’. They also said they look forward to clearing their names in court.”

Lawsuit Dismissal

Several weeks after making the allegations public, the lack of credible evidence led to the decisive dismissal of the $3 billion kidnapping lawsuit. This decisive legal action served as a vindication for Johnson and Garcia. It also reaffirms their reputations amidst the extraordinary claims against them.

Legal Implications and Public Reaction

The dismissal of the lawsuit highlighted the complexities involved in celebrity-related legal disputes. It also raised questions regarding the validity and motivations behind such claims. People showed mixed reactions to this lawsuit. Some people expressed shock and disbelief at the allegations, while others praised Johnson and Garcia for how they handled the situation.

Impact on Dwayne Johnson’s Career

Despite the legal controversy, Johnson maintained a strong presence in the entertainment industry. He remained associated with several blockbuster projects, notably his affiliation with The Walt Disney Company. Johnson’s role as Maui in the upcoming live-action remake of Moana was also confirmed amidst the lawsuit.

The Aftermath

While the $3 billion kidnapping lawsuit has undoubtedly affected Johnson on a personal level, he has chosen to remain silent on the matter apart from the statement released by his legal team. Johnson continues to focus on his upcoming projects and his tequila business, maintaining a positive outlook despite the legal turmoil.


The $3 billion kidnapping lawsuit filed against Dwayne Johnson and others brought to light the intense scrutiny and legal challenges celebrities often face. Despite the severe allegations, Johnson’s swift and firm denial of the claims, coupled with the eventual dismissal of the lawsuit, has allowed him to preserve his reputation and continue his career in the entertainment industry.

While the legal complexities surrounding this case are undoubtedly intriguing, they also serve as a stark reminder of the potential pitfalls and challenges associated with fame and public life. As Johnson navigates through this controversy, his actions and responses will likely continue to shape his public image and influence his future endeavors in the entertainment industry.

The $3 billion kidnapping lawsuit and its subsequent fallout underscores the intricacies of celebrity legal disputes and the profound impact they can have on an individual’s personal and professional life. Despite these challenges, Dwayne Johnson’s steadfast denial and the eventual dismissal of the lawsuit serve as a testament to his resilience and commitment to maintaining his integrity amidst controversy.

$3 Billion Kidnapping Lawsuit FAQS

Who are the parties involved in the $3 Billion lawsuit?


  • Trenesha Biggers, AKA “Rhaka Khan,” and her children.


  • Dwayne Johnson AKA “The Rock,” and his ex-wife Dany Garcia
  • Musician Billy Corgan
  • Michael Jordan
  • The State of Texas
  • The El Paso Child Protective Services
  • The Las Cruces Police Department
  • NYPD
  • New York ACS
  • Omega Psi Phi Fraternity
  • Shirley Police Department
  • Sigma Phi
  • Suffolk County NY
  • Bank of America
  • Home Depot
  • The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Is the $3 billion kidnapping lawsuit over?

Yes, the case was dismissed due to lack of evidence in June 2023