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4 Underrated Ingredients to Add to Your Cooking

Some ingredients can enhance every flavor in a dish, ensuring it lingers on the tongue all day long. The likes of salt, white garlic, and olive oil are world-renowned for being flavor bombs, but some elements don’t receive credit where it is due.

To take your home-cooked meals to the next level, you might want to incorporate delicious foods and condiments that will transform every dish you serve. Here are four underrated ingredients to add to your cooking.

  • Anchovies

Give a home-cooked dish some oomph by incorporating some anchovies when appropriate. They might not be for everyone’s palate, but there is no question they will boost the salty notes in any meal.

The affordable ingredient should be a staple in most cupboards and pantries, and you can even buy anchovy paste to give a meal an umami flavor without the salt. Plus, it can elevate the simplest of dishes, as it is best fried in oil and added to pasta, or you can pair it with rustic bread for a delicious lunch.

  • Seaweed and Other Algae

Seaweed and other algae are underrated in modern cuisine, but they are growing in popularity. Despite being used for thousands of years, the Western world is only catching up with its great taste and flexibility.

Also, you might be surprised to learn there is more than one type of seaweed you can add to various dishes, such as soups, smoothies, and sushi. You might be familiar with nori, as it features heavily in sushi and Japanese cuisine. However, many people are starting to follow in the footsteps of China and Japan and adding different options to their cooking. For example, many people now use sea moss in various meals, and you can even buy seamoss capsules to enjoy its benefits if you don’t like the idea of adding it to a dish.

  • Black Garlic

Black garlic is arguably a better alternative to white garlic, despite the latter being popular in modern cuisine. It tastes sweet and smooth on the palate and is created by placing standard garlic over continual heat to speed up the aging process. It will elevate most dishes you cook and ensure you receive many compliments from your loved ones after serving a home-cooked meal. For example, you will fall in love with:

  • Roasted potatoes in a black garlic butter
  • Creamy black garlic chicken
  • Black garlic pappardelle pasta
  • Black garlic and mushroom pasta
  • Fish Sauce

There is a misconception that fish sauce is only used in Asian dishes, but fish sauce can be used in countless dishes and cuisines. For instance, it is an ideal replacement for Worcestershire sauce, as it is similar in taste without the added sugar and spices.

A little goes a long way when using fish sauce in a dish. A teaspoon or two can add depth to a meal without making it taste too fishy. Give it a try by adding it to sauces, soups, salads, and stews, to name a few options.