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Top Ways to Keep Your Vision Healthy in 2023

Although you might concentrate a lot of time and energy on efforts to keep your body and mind generally healthy, many people forget to pay attention to the health of their vision. A lot of pressure is put on your eyesight during daily life, especially if you spend a lot of time on screens.

Instead of leaving your vision to gradually deteriorate, follow these top tips to care for your eyesight in 2023.


Use Reading Glasses

Rather than ignoring any changes to your vision, the best step that you can take is to invest in glasses that have the right prescription for your eyes. You do not always need to visit an optician to do this, and many drugstores sell reading glasses in a range of common prescriptions. You can also get reading glasses online from companies such as

These reading glasses put less strain on your eyes when you are doing close-up work and focusing your vision a lot, and can mean that you experience fewer headaches and cases of irritated eyes each week.

This will also allow you to enjoy reading, sewing, working, and playing computer games more without being interrupted by eye problems.

Eat the Right Foods

You might not think that the foods that you eat play a part in keeping your vision healthy. However, some foods can benefit your eyesight and ensure that it remains sharp and focused. For instance, fish such as salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids—including EPA and DHA—which your retinas need in order to operate at their optimum level. Beans can also improve your night vision, while eggs are said to prevent blue light from damaging your eyes permanently.

You do not have to eat a diet that solely consists of these foods, but including these in your meals can ensure that you are able to reap the rewards for your eyes.

Take Supplements

If you have noticed that your eyes are unusually red or strained, it might be time to start taking supplements. For instance, blueberry supplements can help to boost your eye health and prevent your vision from deteriorating and becoming strained when you are using screens.

You might also look for more general supplements that contain all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to work well (such as those containing vitamins C, E, and A) which can all complement the health of your eyes. For instance, vitamin A can help to protect your vision and can ensure that you continue to be able to see in semi-darkness for a long time to come.

Wear Sunglasses

Whether or not you associate sunglasses with celebrities and glamor, they are actually for everyone and serve a practical use beyond fashion. The best sunglasses can prevent the sun’s UV rays from damaging your eyes and can reduce the risk of scarring your eyes from looking into bright light or the sun.

You should make sure that you wear sunglasses in all bright conditions and not only in summer.