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5 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

If you thought that only humans make mistakes, you’re wrong! Every industry is filled with them, and cleaning your carpet is no exception.

Professional cleaners often use trial and error to determine which cleaning tips and chemicals should be used on a certain type of surface. It is also essential to be informed about what you’re doing.

So, if you want to avoid trouble and prevent mistakes during your cleaning process, here’s a list of the common carpet cleaning mistakes you should avoid.


1. Skipping Vacuuming Before Professional Cleaning

Vacuuming removes scents, dirt, dust, and other debris that can interfere with professional cleaning. Once any debris is removed, the professional cleaner can get to the deeper layers of the carpet, resulting in superior results. It will also make the job easier and quicker for the professional cleaner.

To avoid this mistake, always vacuum thoroughly before contacting a professional carpet cleaner. Make sure to pay special attention to high-traffic areas and corners of the room. It will also help to ensure the best and most comprehensive results.

2. Avoid Over-Wetting 

The excess moisture can damage the backing and padding, leading to a soft surface on the carpet.

Additionally, avoid leaving the cleaning solution on it for too long. It is best to start from the farthest corner and work your way out, ensuring that you’re not trapping the solution in the carpet.

3. Neglecting Proper Rinsing and Drying

This can lead to residue buildup and bad odors. To avoid this mistake, always do some deep cleaning with light rinsing and drying.

First, lightly rinse it with a damp sponge or mop, then rinse it again without oversaturating it. Do not use a hairdryer or heater to speed up the drying process. This can cause the carpet to shrink or discolor.

Additionally, be sure to follow the instructions in the product’s manual, which will inform any necessary rinsing and drying techniques.

4. Scrubbing the Carpet: Separating Myth from Fact

There is a common misconception that scrubbing it will help lift foot traffic and stains. In fact, it should be avoided, as it can cause permanent damage to the fibers. When it is scrubbed, the back-and-forth motion of the brush causes the fibers of the carpet to become spun and separated.

To avoid over-saturating the carpet, the treatment should be patted and gently blotted.

5. Disinfectants and Other Carpet Cleaning “Miracles”

One of the most common mistakes is using a disinfectant too soon after vacuuming the carpet. This allows chemicals to build up and become more concentrated than necessary. This can be leading to discoloration or damage.

It is important to always wait at least a few hours after vacuuming before using a disinfectant. Additionally, using too much of any chemical or not diluting properly can lead to damaging carpet fibers, as well as leaving residue behind. 

To avoid these common mistakes, it is important to follow instructions closely and not overdo any chemical or steam clean usage. Or, you can just contact a professional that does some carpet cleaning services.

Keeping Your Carpet in Top Condition

Common carpet cleaning mistakes are easily avoided when you are familiar with the materials and processes used. When in doubt, you can always consult with professionals to ensure that you are keeping it in top condition.

Remember to always check the care instructions given to you by the manufacturer. So don’t wait any longer; get started on your carpet cleaning now!

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