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Chronus Receives 78m from Level Equity by Deppen at Geekwire

Level Equity has agreed to invest $78m in Chronus to expand its workforce-mentoring solutions reports Deppen at Geekwire. As a result, Chronus will be able to accelerate its growth and its ability to serve the needs of organizations. Chronus, the world’s leading mentoring software firm, has announced a $78 million investment from Level Equity. According to the 2021 Work Trend Index, 40 percent of the global workforce is contemplating leaving their employer in the coming year. 80 percent of those who plan to quit believe it’s due to their career advancement concerns.

Chronus Level Equity Deppen Geekwire

Employees seek a new social contract with their employers that enables them to develop their skills and careers in a hybrid setting. In a year full of challenges, Chronus could still innovate for its customers and rise to meet the moment. The employee is at the center of every mentoring relationship.As a result, Chronus integrates with the most popular workforce technology ecosystems, such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Zoom,

Level Equity has invested $78 million in Chronus Mentoring Solutions to assist the company. Chronus is the leader in mentoring software and has been accelerated by Level Equity’s $78m investment.

Chronus 78m Level Equity Deppen Geekwire

Working in a hybrid setting has grown significantly in recent years, and there is no sign of this trend reversing. Smaller networks are jeopardizing innovation, according to the Microsoft Work Trend Index. Chronus is a leader in mentoring software that helps organizations build people-centered cultures.