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5 Home Improvement Projects That Add Instant Value to Your Property

Living in a home that you love is wonderful. You enjoy every moment of your time in the space, and it thrills you when someone compliments your home. A compliment like that is even sweeter when you can confidently say that you did the renovations yourself!

Don’t know where to start with your home improvement projects?

We’ve got you covered! We want everyone to reap the benefits of having modified their own home. We’ve got a short (with a few exceptions) list of projects you can start today to instantly increase the value of your home.


1. Kitchen Remodels

Kitchens are often considered the heartbeat of the home. It can make or break a real estate deal. A kitchen can range from a simple paint refresh to a full-on gut job. Any of these options can add significant equity and return on investment to your property.

With the right upgrades and additions, you can get more room on your countertops and in your cabinets and update your appliances or fixtures. As well as replace or refinish your flooring and even add a backsplash to make it snap.

2. Improving Your Garage

Improving your garage is one of the most cost-effective ways to instantly add value to your property. You can greatly improve the look of your garage by simply repainting its walls and flooring or adding a few simple decorative items.

You can also add additional storage space by installing cabinets, shelves, or hooks along the walls. Investing in a garage door or opener can also add to the appeal of your home. Visit armstronggaragedoor.com to find more ideas for your garage door.

3. Sprucing Up Your Bathroom

Painting walls with updated, trendy colors is one easy way to bring a fresh look and energy to the space. Investing in a new vanity and installing a solid countertop is another great step, as well as adding stylish hardware to your medicine cabinet and towel racks.

Flooring is also essential; you could opt for a classic look with tile or add some warmth with vinyl plank. Updating the lighting fixtures and installing a vent for steam are all potential options as well.

4. Upgrading Your Landscaping

Upgrading your landscaping is one of the home improvement ideas that add instant value to your property. Adding shrubs, flowers, trees, and other decorative features can spruce up your yard, enhance the beauty of your home, and give it a neat and well-kept look.

Planting a few trees and shrubs can transform a basic, plain yard into an inviting outdoor space. You can also install a few walkways or a patio in your backyard for entertaining and outdoor activities.

5. Incorporate Home Tech

Home renovation projects that incorporate home tech are a great way to add instant value to your property.

Smart home tech can make your home more efficient, safer, and easier to manage. This means adding a whole range of gadgets and systems designed to give you controlled and monitored access to almost any aspect of your home.

Home Improvement Projects You Can Start Today

The potential home improvement projects discussed can all add instant value to your property. From updating the kitchen and bathroom to landscaping, which can improve curb appeal, these projects are an investment in your home.

To start your project, consider talking to a professional and determining the best action plan. Your newly updated spaces will be sure to add instant value and appeal to your home.

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