Little Things to Make Someone Feel Special During a Celebration

Celebrations are just one of life’s little pleasures that can help to bring people together, be a space where people can congratulate others on achievements, or simply just show appreciation and love for each other.

It could be a birthday, anniversary, or a unique special occasion such as passing a driving test or coming home from the hospital – whatever you are choosing to celebrate, there are a couple of little things you can do to make someone feel just that extra bit special. If you want some ideas, keep on reading!


Get Decorating

One of the easiest ways to make someone feel special during any celebration is to make the space their own. Get decorating to transform a normal, day-to-day area into something that really addresses the occasion.

Common decorations include balloons, streamers, and banners, which always set the scene. However, it is also worth adding some more personal touches to really hammer home this is about them. Pictures, private jokes, or even special twists on the classics to make the decorations even more meaningful can all work well. Whatever it is, sites like Partysavesmile are great for decorating the special occasion.

Cook or Bake Something Special

Many people love to be shown affection through the route of their tummy, so if you are good in the kitchen, this might be another moment to shine.

Cook them their favorite meal, bake and decorate their own cake, or if food creation isn’t your strong point, then order from their favorite restaurant. You can also surprise them with a personalized dessert in many restaurants, so make sure to mention it ahead if you are eating out!

If you are staying in, then decorating the table can also be a nice touch and really adds to the occasion – especially if you are used to eating in front of the TV or using a paper towel as your napkin.

Give Them a Thoughtful Gift

Gifts are often a failsafe option when it comes to showing someone you care, but only if you put thought into it. It’s the thought behind any gift that really counts. Hobbies, personal jokes, and interests are all great places to pull inspiration from. You can also make a DIY gift too if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for.

Memory books or videos can be a lovely way to present a lifetime of memories together. If you are particularly crafty, you can make your own scrapbook. For a simpler approach, a photo album filled with shared memories will also make a fantastic gift for the sentimental. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also include special notes or messages from their loved ones for a real surprise!

Give Them Your Undivided Attention

In a world where many people are constantly busy and connected, sometimes the best gift you can give someone is your undivided time and attention (especially if they’re your spouse or partner). Put away your phone, limit any distractions, and spend some proper quality time with them.