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Contact a Professional Plumber

If your knowledge of plumbing is minimal, you’ll want to contact a professional when plumbing problems affect your home or place of business. You will want a competent professional to arrive with the proper equipment and depth of knowledge to get your problem fixed quickly and properly.

Here are a variety of plumbing concerns that might crop up. If they do, be sure to look up “plumber near me” when beginning your search for a quick solution.


Problems with Pipes

Most people don’t give a second thought about the pipes that convey fluids in and out of their homes or places of business. These pipes generally run silently and efficiently. And for the most part, they are out of sight in the basement or behind walls.

When something does go wrong, however, it is an immediate cause for concern. Here are a few of the issues with pipes to be mindful of:

  • Burst pipes, especially during sudden bouts of freezing weather
  • Pipes that are corroded and begin to lose integrity
  • Pipes that make excessive noise such as “knocking” sounds
  • Lead pipes, which can pose human health concerns

Leaks from pipes can cause big health hazards. Mold is one of these hazards because pipes tend to be in dark places where black mold growth can be prolific.

Water Heater Issues

A water heater is another one of those appliances that generally does its job quietly and effectively. They generally have a long lifespan of good service. Nevertheless, they can break down or wear out and this can cause a major problem in your residence. As water heater age, they can accumulate “sand”, which is an internal buildup of corroded particles. Be sure to contact a plumber immediately if your water heater begins to leak.

Backed Up Sewage

Pipes and conduits are responsible for taking toilet waste and other raw sewage out of your house or business structure. When sewer piping gets clogged or otherwise malfunctions, it can cause a backup of raw sewage into your home. This can pose a significant health hazard, not to mention a messy clean-up situation. If this should occur on your property call a professional plumbing service right away.

Drains and Faucets

Drains and faucets have their own idiosyncrasies. Some of these are mere nuisances and are easily fixed by most people. In other cases, they may need professional attention. Keep in mind, that over time, quite a bit of water is wasted by leaky faucets.

Some of the bigger issues that may need professional attention when it comes to drains and faucets are:

  • Faucet leaks that won’t stop
  • Stubborn drain clogs, especially when deep in the pipe under the drain
  • Faucets that turn off and on intermittently when no one activates the handle

As you can see, there are many plumbing issues that can create a big mess and require competent plumbing services to fix. If you aren’t a plumber, you’ll be happy when a professional arrives at your door when you are in need of one.