Everything You Need to Know on Finding a Nanny in London

Nanny services are an excellent option for busy parents. They can help you find a qualified, trustworthy nanny who will provide excellent childcare and support for your family. However, there are some things to consider before choosing a nanny.

If you’re hiring a live-out nanny, agreeing on a gross salary with her is essential. This will enable you to plan your nanny expenses budget more precisely.



Working as a nanny can be an exciting career option in London. It offers a well-paid job and flexibility in work hours. Many families have hectic lifestyles, so they often need a nanny to work around their schedule. However, it is essential to find a nanny with the right qualifications to ensure the safety of children in their care.

Nannies should be able to communicate clearly and connect with children of all ages. They should also have many practical skills, including cooking and cleaning. In addition, nannies should be certified in CPR and first aid. Some employers may ask for additional training in specific activities, such as art or sports.

Although there is no legal requirement for nannies to have formal qualifications, it is recommended that they do so. This will help them to be more effective in their work and provide peace of mind for the parents or guardians who hire them. In addition, nannies should obtain a DBS check before applying for a job. It is also advisable to take first aid courses, which can be taken through the Red Cross.


Nannying is a highly personal role, and families are looking for someone who is very much like them. Personality will often outweigh a degree qualification. However, a childcare qualification such as a CACHE level 3 Diploma or BTEC HND in Child Care and Education will help you stand out.

The first step on how to find a nanny in London is to use a nanny agency, as they will take care of payroll and other employment issues on your behalf.

Nanny agencies can provide DBS-checked nannies, and they will interview candidates before you meet them. They can assist with contract provision, salary negotiations, and tax issues. They can even help you find accommodation for your nanny. Nanny accommodation can range from a spare room in the family home to a separate apartment. Live-in nanny jobs are the most desirable. Ensure your advert clearly states how you will accommodate the nanny to attract more interest.


Any childcare provider needs nanny insurance since it protects against accidents and property damage while on the job. It offers a range of covers, from public liability to professional indemnity. Often, nanny insurance is combined with other policies like commercial auto and can be purchased from a specialist insurer.

A reputable nanny agency can match parents with qualified caregivers in London. They will interview applicants and run employment, character, police, qualification, and first aid checks to ensure their suitability for the job. Additionally, they will abide by data protection policies for both candidates and clients.

Nanny agencies offer a variety of benefits, including customized matching and ongoing support. They also have a strong pool of pre-screened nannies and are committed to providing quality care. They also offer a clean and transparent pricing system that allows parents to finance their childcare needs effectively. They also have several success stories and high-quality testimonials from satisfied families. These services can make the process of finding a nanny much easier.

DBS check

A DBS check is a criminal background check mandated for job applicants in roles that include vulnerable groups. It is also needed for many volunteer positions. The DBS check includes both unspent convictions and cautions, as well as any information that is relevant to the position. It can be obtained directly from the DBS or through a Responsible Organisation. The DBS also manages the adult and children’s barred lists and decides who should be included on these lists.

It is essential to check the background of any nanny or governess you are considering hiring for your family. This will assist you in avoiding circumstances in which someone makes up their credentials or experience. Various studies suggest that as many as 60% of CVs contain some form of exaggeration.

You can request the results of a DBS check by writing a subject access request (SAR) to your local police force. Without extraordinary circumstances, the police must reply to the request within 40 days. The police can charge a fee for the information they provide.


The reputation of a nanny is essential, particularly in London. Many factors go into a nanny’s reputation, including her experience and qualifications, as well as her work history and references. It is also essential for a nanny to be trustworthy and have excellent communication skills.

Nannies often work long hours. They are expected to be available from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday to Friday and may need to do evening babysitting on two or more occasions per week. They are generally not paid overtime and are given a weekly salary.

In addition to their salary, live-in nannies usually expect to be provided with board and lodging. This can range from a room in the family home to a separate apartment. Families with young children often prefer live-in nannies as they are less expensive than other childcare options. Nonetheless, it is still vital for families to consider the financial implications of hiring a live-in nanny. Families must maintain payroll for their nanny and pay tax and National Insurance contributions. If this is a daunting task, they can hire a nanny payroll service to help them.