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Facts on Commercial Roofing Companies

Roofing businesses are recession resilient and serve a service that everybody needs. As a result, they can be lucrative.

However, it is essential to understand some commercial roofing facts before you invest in one. These facts will help you in making the best selection for your company.


They have the right equipment

Commercial roofs are essential to the building structure, which enhances aesthetics, protect a company’s assets and employees, and saves energy. Additionally, it can increase the resale value of the building in the future. It’s essential to have a quality roof installed by a professional, as a poor roof will result in costly repairs and even damage the structure beneath.

Good commercial roofing companies in New Orleans area will have the right equipment to ensure a high-quality job. They will have a boom truck, which can reach the top of the building to work on the roof. They also have tarps, which can help protect the landscaping and catch stray nails and shingles that may fall during construction.

Another piece of equipment that a commercial roofing company will have is a flatbed truck. This truck is suitable for carrying all project supplies, especially where the building site is distant from the next town or metropolis.

A full-service commercial roofing company can also fabricate sheet metal components. It enables them to cut out the middleman and reduce customer costs. In addition, they can provide a more integrated roof system as they can look at the entire roof and how all of the pieces connect.

They are experienced

When researching a roofing contractor, look at the projects they have worked on. It will help you determine how experienced they are. Also, consider looking at their customer references. Contact these individuals and inquire about their experiences with the roofing firm. They should be able to give you detailed feedback about the quality of work, timeliness, and customer service.

Another factor to consider is where the roofing company’s offices are located. It would be best if you made sure that they are local since this will ensure that they are familiar with the circumstances in your region. Furthermore, a local roofing provider is more likely to use locally sourced materials.

Lastly, it’s essential to determine how many years the roofing company offers on its warranties. It is necessary because not all warranties are created equal. For example, some warranties cover leaks, while others do not. Also, some warranties only cover the roof material, while others cover both the materials and the labor. Knowing how long the warranty lasts and what it covers is essential. It will help you determine whether the roofing company is worth the investment.

They are licensed

Licensed roofing companies can provide you with a written contract highlighting the scope of work, materials needed, and a timeline. It also typically includes a clause protecting you against unpaid bills from suppliers or subcontractors. An excellent licensed company will carry liability insurance and worker’s compensation; this is handy if an employee gets wounded or develops unwell on the job.

Licensing requirements vary by state and county. The best way to ensure you’re dealing with a licensed roofing contractor is to visit the state government website and type the contractor’s name or license number into the search field. Following that, the website will give a list of results.

A skilled roofer can give you proof of insurance, such as liability and worker’s compensation. It will provide you peace of mind and reassurance that your property is safe if something goes wrong during construction.

Licensed roofers will have a license bond in place, which is a financial guarantee that they will pay valid claims for damage caused by their work. If a contractor can’t or won’t quickly provide you with this information, that should be a red flag.

They are insured

Roofing is a dangerous occupation, and accidents can and do happen. Even though local laws and the precise circumstances of each accident will dictate whether a homeowner can sue a roofer’s employee, most homeowners hire only contractors who carry workers’ compensation insurance.

In case of damage to a third party’s property, a commercial general liability policy will protect the roofing company from lawsuits and financial losses. The insurance policy covers repairs or replacement costs, legal defense fees, judgments, and settlements.

A BOP is a means to save money on three important small company insurance policies: general liability, commercial property, and business interruption. These three coverage types are often combined into one policy because insurers consider them a package deal and will usually offer you a discount over buying them separately. If you have employees, workers’ comp is required in most states and will pay for medical expenses, disability benefits, and lost wages if an employee is injured. To reduce your workers’ comp rates, classify your employees correctly and only have them perform duties within their classification. It would be best to have commercial auto insurance covering any vehicles you use for work, such as a truck to transport shingles from the warehouse to the job site.