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How Title Pawns Work

You can get cash in exchange for your car’s title in several ways. However, knowing what you should and shouldn’t do is essential. That way, you can avoid getting into a contract you can’t get out of.


Get Cash in Exchange for your Vehicle’s Title.

If you need cash quickly and don’t want to put up your car as collateral, consider the benefits of a car title loan. The cost of borrowing is minimal, and the duration is typically short. A title pawn Mississippi enables you to keep your vehicle and use it while you repay it.

A car title loan is one of many ways to get fast cash. For instance, look into a cash advance at your local ATM. However, this method is only for some, so be sure to weigh the cost against the convenience. 

In the interest of full disclosure, it’s important to note that you might not get a car title loan in Michigan. In the long run, weigh the cost and the advantages before signing on the dotted line. Find the best terms and conditions if you borrow from a traditional or an online peer-to-peer lender. You want to avoid being stuck with a hefty interest rate or ending up stuck in the dark with unsustainable debt.

Pay Off Your Loan

If you owe money on a title pawn loan, it is essential to pay off the balance. This can save you from being charged high interest and late fees. It can also help prevent repossession of your vehicle.

When you are ready to pay off your title pawn loan, you should contact your lender and ask about available options. Most lenders have multiple payment plans. You can work with your lender to negotiate a better term or APR.

Another option is to refinance the debt. Several reliable, trustworthy lenders offer reasonable APRs. These loans have realistic timelines for repayment.

Alternatively, you can borrow from family or friends. While this can be a problematic option, it is unlikely to have exorbitant fees.

You can also use an online peer-to-peer lender. This is a good option if you are worried about your credit score. Some companies will report your loan default to the credit bureaus, so be aware of this.

However, these lenders can also hit you with hidden fees and penalties. Before choosing a company, you should thoroughly search the Internet.

Also, make sure you have enough funds to cover the total amount of the loan. Sometimes it is impossible to get a loan for a smaller amount.

Title Loans Costs

Auto title loans are costly due to their short payback duration, and even the finest vehicle title loans can charge triple-digit annual percentage rates, including interest and fees.

“Title loans can come with a plethora of extra expenses, including processing, documentation, and loan origination, totaling hundreds of dollars,” notes Lyle Solomon, principal attorney at the debt reduction firm Oak View Law Group. “In some situations, the purchase and payment of a roadside assistance package may also be necessary.”

Assume you borrow $800, and the financing fee is 25% of the loan amount, or $200. If the loan is due in 30 days, your APR will be around 304%. That is substantially more than you will pay.