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How to Clean a Bird Bath Fountain

Birds are a beautiful addition to your yard. The fact that they’re so colorful and friendly makes everyone want to attract them to their property. 

Bird fountains are a great way to attract birds to your yard. To keep these fountains functioning for years to come, you’ll have to clean and maintain them, just like you would for your indoor water features.

How do you do it? Keep reading to learn how to clean a bird bath fountain.


Gather Necessary Supplies

You will need a brush, scrubber, and mild soap or cleanser. Choose a safe cleaning solution for wildlife that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. You may also consider collecting hose attachments and an extension pole to provide more range while cleaning.

If the fountain has a pump attached, bring along a small container with water in case it needs to be submersed. You will need a bucket or container to hold the drained water and a wrench or socket to remove the fountain components.

Drain and Disassemble the Fountain

First, ensure the power is off and unscrew the pump motor from the fountain’s base. If you have a solar powered bird bath fountain, check if there’s a switch, as some do not.

Turn the solar panel away from sunlight or cover it. Pour the water in the fountain into the bucket or container and set the motor aside.

Remove the base and the bowl of the fountain. The bowl may be heavy and fragile, so it is essential to lift it cautiously. Place these pieces separately into the bucket or container with the water.

Finally, check for any remaining fountain pieces and remove those with a wrench. 

Clearing Out Debris and Cleaning the Fountain

Once you’ve turned off and drained the water, remove any dirt, sticks, and other debris from the basin that may have fallen in. Using a handheld brush, scrub the sides of the bay, paying extra attention to any crevices or nooks to get rid of dirt and debris that has built up.

Take a soft cloth and gently wipe the sides down. To remove debris and dirt, fill the basin halfway with warm, soapy water and scrub both the inside and outside of the bird bath, allowing the soap to penetrate the floor and sides of the basin. 

To thoroughly clean the bird bath, remove the pump and fountain-head, and then clean the parts with a solution of one part bleach to nine parts water. Rinse the basin several times with clean water, and you are ready to fill the bird bath with fresh water.

Replace the pump and all the other parts. Ensure all tubing is securely attached to the pump before placing the fountain back in place.

Enjoy a Sparkling Bird Bath Fountain

A bird bath fountain is a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. Cleaning them regularly will keep them in top condition and extend the life of the fountain.

You can maintain bird baths for years with the proper cleaning supplies and routine maintenance. Give it a try, and discover it’s not as difficult as you think!

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