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How to Incorporate New Plants Into Your Small NYC Space

Anyone with green fingers (or the desire to develop them) knows the pleasure plants bring into a home. But when living in NYC, where tiny apartments are the norm, running out of space for those dear floras is inevitable.

Add plants to your small apartment without feeling restricted by these methods:


Hanging Plant Arrangements

Try hanging plant arrangements for an easy way to green up a wall. Select a sturdy hook and use a large planter to allow the plant to grow and thrive. And keep in mind that plants require different light and temperature requirements. A low-light plant like the marble pothos can be hung in a dark corner of your home, while high-light plants such as a bird’s nest fern or trailing jade work well when positioned near an east-facing window.

Hanging plants look exceptionally stylish when planted en masse. This decorating trick, used to accentuate a living room, creates a lush focal point using a collection of hanging planters filled with the same type of plant. This arrangement style may be more formal or contemporary than mixed plantings, but it’s still beautiful!

Air plants are also an excellent pick for hanging planters. They don’t need soil, so you can attach them to a hook and spritz them with water once a week.

Window Boxes

There are plenty of ways plants can bring life and texture to a small apartment without feeling restricted. Including a stand-out look, layer different-sized new plants New City NY, to add depth and interest to your display.

Plant a broad, spreading box with flowers and herbs that bloom through summer. In this example, white bacopa spills over a mix of purple million bells, yellow begonias, daisy-like fleabane, and dusty miller. The silvery leaves of plectranthus provide a chunky texture that contrasts with the delicate flowers.

Whether your window box is lined or unlined, it should have good drainage to ensure healthy plant roots. Add gravel, stones, or terra-cotta crocks to the bottom of the box to increase drainage. Vermiculite will improve drainage. According to experts, adding vermiculite to soil mixes could help minimize water evaporation and keep plants from drying out too quickly in hot climates.

Floor Plants

Those with dedicated floor space and a green thumb can add a whole new dimension to their apartment with the addition of a small tree. According to an expert, the ideal location for a fiddle leaf fig tree is near a south-facing window with limited views.

In addition to maximizing sunlight, these plants require constant humidity, so misting them with a spray bottle often helps them thrive. Additionally, combining these trees with other low-maintenance plants, such as a cactus or succulents, makes them feel like part of a design statement.

When choosing plants, read the instructions and watch for any signs of wilting or dry potting mix. Be sure never to overwater, as this can cause root rot. For a modern eclectic look, try grouping tall varieties of plants with shorter plants, such as a succulent or a cactus, on the bottom rows for a layered effect.

Tabletop Plants

Certain houseplants, like philodendrons, ivy, and creeping figs, have long, winding vines that can wrap around television consoles, coffee tables, and armoires to add style and texture to the room. If you choose a plant that doesn’t require drainage, consider placing it in a decorative pot that matches the rest of your decor.

Hanging plants also look beautiful on shelves or in nooks above cabinets. Pair a stylish macrame planter with a fern, ivy, or string of pearls succulent to create an eye-catching design that won’t overwhelm your space.

Adding greenery to your small NYC home or apartment can be intimidating, especially if you think maintaining it will be challenging. However, healthy air and a sense of well-being make investing in your living environment worth it.