Top 5 Benefits of Road Assistance For Trucks

While you hope never to need it, having a reliable roadside assistance plan is a great way to feel more secure when traveling. Review reviews and look for features like service call limits, towing limitations, winching, and other vital details.

The best roadside assistance providers offer nationwide coverage for an affordable price. WalletHub has reviewed the top companies for their quality and value.


Emergency Roadside Assistance

If you’re a truck driver earning a living on the road, unexpected issues like a dead battery or locked keys can be costly and disrupt your schedule. Luckily, roadside assistance providers offer services to help you get back on the road fast!

Road assistance for trucks is available as an add-on to your insurance policy or through standalone coverage contracts. To choose the best plan for your needs, it’s essential to understand what each provider offers, including towing limits, service call limits, winching options, and extras like trip interruption benefits.

Many automakers include a roadside assistance program with new vehicles. However, these plans often need more duration and benefits. Read the fine print or speak to a dealership professional to fully understand each option’s details.


As convenient as cars are, they can be a lot of trouble when they break down. Fortunately, a reliable roadside assistance package will rescue you when these minor problems become more significant.

Typically, these packages include free towing up to a certain number of miles per call or year. They also provide roadside services such as battery charging, tire changing, and lockout.

Some companies offer a straightforward pricing structure with no membership needed for essential services. Their plan caters to light vehicles and pick-up trucks. At the same time, a higher tier offers upgrades like winching, upgrade coverage for motorcycles and RVs, and additional family members at no extra cost. They also have one of the best long-distance towing plans in the industry.

Fuel Delivery

It’s no secret that fuel is one of the most expensive commodities. It’s no wonder that companies offering on-demand fuel delivery services are attracting customers.

Businesses have a secure and practical alternative to gas stations in fuel delivery services. Additionally, they can offer clients high-quality, pure, filtered fuel.

Whether your business is construction, transportation, hospitality, or something else entirely, you can benefit from having a reliable way to get your equipment and staff back on the road as quickly as possible.

Refueling vehicles and equipment takes time away from important work. If your workers spend too much money at the gas station, it can be stressful to suspect they’re spending company money on diesel or lottery tickets. Having a fuel delivery service fuel your fleet and equipment on-site allows you to supervise refueling or trust an expert to keep them accountable.

Lockout Service

When you get locked out of your truck on the road, you’ll need help to regain access. Many carmakers provide free roadside assistance as part of a new-vehicle purchase or certified pre-owned program. These services include battery service, jumpstarting dead batteries, and lockout assistance. 


Even the most seasoned driver can become stuck on ice, ditch, or snow bank. A reliable road assistance service that offers to winch is crucial for drivers. Winching is a vehicle recovery method safer and faster than traditional towing methods in these precarious situations.

A professional roadside assistance company will hook a strong cable onto a stable and safe spot on your car’s undercarriage. They will then use an electric or hydraulic motor to pull the vehicle to safety and out of its situation.

Most car insurance companies do not include winching services with their basic plans, but some do. These inexpensive options include this service, towing, fuel delivery, and lockout services.