Steps on How to Get a Fleet Fuel Card

If you own a business that requires vehicles, fleet fuel cards can help you save money on gas and other expenses. They work like credit cards and offer more features than standard business cards.

They provide real-time purchase transaction data in an online account assigned to each driver. They also include expense tracking and reporting tools to help you manage your fleet.



The first step in how to get a fleet fuel card is to research different available cards. Many fleet fuel cards can provide impressive discounts and trusted security features that can help businesses of any size yield savings while reducing overhead costs. They can also offer various accounting and reporting tools that make it easy to manage expenses.

Some cards also come with mobile apps that allow fleet managers to see real-time purchase transaction data, control individual card usage, and adjust controls from anywhere. The best cards use geolocation, driver ID, and odometer readings to prevent fraud and provide security beyond the basic features of business credit cards.

They considered how the cards are accepted and their associated fees would be best. Some cards are station-specific, while others can be used nationwide at virtually any gas station. The cards that accept your preferred fuel brands offer better discounts or rebates; some can be used to save on maintenance at over 45,000 repair locations.

Typically, you can only get a fleet fuel card if your business is incorporated and you own at least one vehicle. It’s not intended for individuals; you wouldn’t want to apply for one if your company is a freelancer in the shipping or transportation industry.


A fleet fuel card provides a convenient way to manage costs and streamline accounting. These cards are typically linked to specific gas station networks and can offer in-network fuel discounts. They also come with varying features that make locating stations easier and optimize the fleet’s accounting. When selecting a fleet fuel card, consider the region of your business and the program’s fee structure. Various options are available, from branded cards to universal ones.

You will also want to consider how you plan to use the card. For example, suppose you have several drivers on the road for an extended time. In that case, choosing a branded card accepted everywhere else a major credit card is (within parameters set by the policy) may be more practical. On the other hand, if your company has just a few trucks and you only need to track purchases within a specific geographic area, a regular business credit card might work better since they are open to more purchase types.

Whether your business employs plumbers, electricians, or other mobile service providers, the fleet fuel card solution can help you save money. It lets you monitor employee purchasing activity in real time through online accounts paired with each card. So, instead of sorting through paper receipts or spending extra time on expense report administration, you can immediately log in to see all transactions.

Signing up

You should know that some fleet fuel cards require a credit score to be eligible. If your fleet needs a better credit history, applying for a business card may be better, which offers more flexibility with purchase types than a fuel card.

Many top-rated fleet fuel cards offer real-time reports to help you stay on top of your spending and create operational efficiencies. Checking for a fleet fuel card with no hidden fees and a clear and straightforward payment process is also essential.

When choosing a fleet fuel card, it is vital to consider the region in which your fleet operates. Some cards may only be used at specific stations or have limited availability in the area, while others can be used at virtually any station nationwide. You should also pay attention to the discount structure, fee structure, and controls of the fleet fuel card you choose. This way, you can be sure that your drivers are only using the card for what it is intended and not to buy anything else – ensuring compliance with company policy. It also offers powerful online features, such as an easy-to-use dashboard, real-time reporting, and the ability to link with GPS systems.


Fleet fuel cards give you more control over the way your drivers spend. They make it easy to stop unnecessary spending and prevent unauthorized use. Financial management becomes a breeze with detailed expense reporting and analytics.

Unlike business credit cards, fleet fuel cards are used for specific vehicles and drivers, ensuring that only authorized purchases are made. Some cards also require a unit number, driver number, or current odometer reading to validate each transaction at the point of sale. It ensures that you can easily track the activity on your account if a card is stolen or misused.

Many fleet cards have built-in benefits, such as fuel rewards and maintenance discounts, to help you save on transportation expenses. Choosing the right card for your company will depend on several factors, including region, discount structure, fees, controls, and back-end reporting.

Whether you operate a local delivery service or drive coast to coast, a fleet fuel card can simplify your life. By eliminating the need for cash, checks, or personal credit cards, you can improve security and eliminate hassles like receipts, odometer tracking, and reimbursements. Plus, you’ll have the option to set purchase limits and alerts so you know exactly how much each employee is spending. And, with a single invoice, you can make faster payments.