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The Benefits of Armed and Unarmed Security For Small Businesses

Armed security guards are a good choice for businesses that have a high-risk level. Armed guards also require more training and are typically more expensive than unarmed guards. Hiring, licensing, and insurance liability costs contribute to the price.



When deciding on security services for your business, whether hiring armed and unarmed security in Detroit, assessing the level of protection required and the associated risks is essential. Armed guards are typically more expensive than unarmed guards due to the extra training necessary to carry firearms, and liability insurance can be costly if they cause harm to your property. However, the presence of an armed guard sends a clear message that your property is well-protected, which may deter criminals. Unarmed guards can still use weapons such as batons, tasers, or sprays in certain situations, preventing non-violent or opportunistic crimes. Ultimately, the decision between armed or unarmed guards should be based on your specific security needs and budget.


Having a security guard present can deter criminals from targeting your property. Criminals tend to go for easy targets with visible security lapses, so the presence of a guard can make them reconsider entering your premises. If you opt for armed security guards, they can respond quickly to any threats or crimes on your property. They can even detain perpetrators until the police arrive, saving you precious time in case of an incident. However, armed guards are more expensive as they require extensive training and insurance liability for their weapons. If your business has a low risk of theft, vandalism, or other crimes and if there is a police force nearby, hiring an unarmed guard may be more cost-effective.


If your business deals with high-risk products or sensitive information, having armed security is a wise choice. It is essential if your company is in an unpredictable environment or stores confidential materials. Armed guards are experts in de-escalating situations, monitoring criminal activity, clearing rooms and stairwells, and patrolling facilities by vehicle. Some may find armed guards intimidating, but their benefits outweigh any discomfort. However, unarmed security is an excellent alternative if you prefer a less intimidating security option. Unarmed security professionals are trained to handle situations calmly, interact with people, and escort individuals to safety. While armed security costs more, it is highly effective and worth the investment.

Sense of Security

As a savvy business owner, you understand the importance of ensuring the safety of your employees and deterring criminals. For businesses in areas with high crime rates, deploying armed security officers is highly recommended. These officers serve as formidable deterrents and are trained to respond quickly to threats. Additionally, they possess mediation skills to de-escalate any tense situations that may arise. However, opting for unarmed security guards is a more economical solution if your business is located in a lower-risk area and does not handle valuable merchandise or cash. Despite their lack of weaponry, these guards effectively discourage unwanted trespassers and vandalism. Ultimately, as your business owner, you are in the best position to determine the level of security required to keep your employees and assets safe.