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How to Protect Concrete Floors

Concrete is extremely durable and easy to care for.

When cared for, concrete floors will look great and last for many, many years.

Even though you should never compare concrete to wood, people do it all the time. The truth is that wood may expand and contract with humidity, while concrete remains the same. Like wood, though, concrete has to be taken care of properly.

If you are interested in learning about how to clean and protect concrete floors, then this short and simple article is for you.


Seal the Concrete

Sealing is the process of applying a thin coat of protective material that covers and fills the tiny air pockets in and on the concrete, creating a barrier between it and its environment. It helps prevent the formation of cracks, reduces staining, and enhances the appearance of the concrete.

A quality sealant should be able to withstand all kinds of weather and heavy traffic. Additionally, it should be specific to the type of concrete and its environment to maximize its protective properties. 

Keep It Clean

Debris, dirt, and chemical buildup can cause the concrete coating to become dull, leaving it discolored and weakened. Regular sweeping and mopping will help keep the debris off the concrete and reduce the amount of chemical buildup on the floor.

Spills should be cleaned up to prevent damage to the concrete and it is also important to seal the floor with a quality sealer. Regular maintenance of the sealer will ensure the home floor lasts for years to come.

Adding Mats and Rugs

These mats and rugs will help to create a softer, more comfortable floor surface. It will also provide a much better environment to walk or play on.

Additionally, these mats and rugs will create a barrier between the concrete floor and any furniture, appliances, and other items that are placed on it. This will help to reduce the wear and tear on the concrete floor, which can help to extend its life and attractiveness. 

Use Furniture Covers and Gliders

Covers offer a barrier between furniture and concrete, making them a good choice for homes and businesses. The covers and gliders also reduce noise levels by cushioning the furniture’s feet against the concrete floor, preventing furniture from scratching.

It prevents chairs and other furniture from sliding across the concrete when being moved. This helps protect the floor from scrapes and gouges, which can be expensive to repair. 

Choose the Right Cleaners

Use cleaners that are designed for concrete floors to avoid harsh chemicals and other products that could cause damage. Cleaners with a medium- to high-dilution rate are also ideal for maintaining concrete floors, as these cleaners will remove unwanted dirt and grime.

Using a cleaner that contains oil is not recommended as it can darken the color of the floor and cause discoloration over time. To protect concrete floors, it is important to pick the right cleaners. Professional services that leave nothing to chance can be found at spfepoxy.com

Follow These Awesome Tips on How to Protect Concrete Floors

Protecting your concrete floors is an important part of maintaining the quality of your space. Taking the time to keep these surfaces clean and dust free, fix any cracks or chips in the concrete, and protect them against weather or staining will ensure the longevity of these floors.

Take the time to ensure your concrete is in great shape and properly treated to avoid any future issues. Act now to begin protecting your concrete floor!

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