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Top 6 Retention Strategies to Retain Your Top Talent

People between the ages of 25 and 34 typically stay at a job for 2.8 years. If you’re looking to build a team of talented individuals, that’s not that long. You want to keep your employees under contract to ensure your workforce is productive and stable. 

Reducing employee turnover should be one of your top priorities. Your business will operate at an advantage that others can’t. You can keep your top talent while achieving your business goals. 

We’re going to talk about our top six retention strategies to help you retain your employees. Improve your overall employee satisfaction rate and learn why your employees might be looking for other opportunities. 


1. Give Your Worker’s a Voice

Disengaged and unhappy workers can have a negative impact on your business. They set poor examples, discourage others from doing their best, and bring down morale. You can lose a lot of money in profit from disengaged employees. As mentioned in Workhuman’s guide, one of the ways to engage your employees is by giving them a voice. Improving their well-being by allowing them to give feedback will show them that you care about your workers. 

2. Recruit the Best Employees

The best workers will inspire those around them to work hard. You need to look for ways to attract those types of employees in the first place. Some ways you can do that include:

  • Offering health benefits 
  • Workplace amenities like onsite fitness centers and monthly massages 
  • Parental leave

Look for candidates that have worked at their previous jobs for a long time. Longevity at a job shows perseverance and loyalty. 

3. Provide Advancement Opportunities

You should try to promote from within when a position becomes available. That shows your employees that they have a clear path to more money and responsibility. They’ll also feel like they’re a vital part of your business’s success. 

4. Explore Hybrid or Remote Work Options

Flexibility should be one of your top priorities. So many companies have switched to remote or hybrid work options after the recent pandemic. Offering this option to new and current hires will show them that you care about their comfort. 

Increased flexibility for location of work and work hours will increase your employee satisfaction. As that goes up, so will your retention rates. 

5. Provide Feedback to Your Employees

Your workers want to know how they’re performing. Set clear expectations with them. Work with them to create goals that they can work toward. 

Conducting regular performance reviews and raises is key. Your employees will become dissatisfied if they have to wait years between reviews. They’ll like it even less if they have to request a review themselves. 

6. Offer Competitive Salaries 

Wide-scale remote job opportunities mean that businesses are competing with companies worldwide. The salaries you offer have to compete with them as well. Continue to review the pay scales of all of your positions. Make adjustments as necessary to ensure your employee doesn’t go to another company that’s offering them more money. 

Increase Employee Satisfaction to Keep Talented Employees

Your workers are the backbone of your business. You need to treat them accordingly. Showing them that they’re respected and appreciated will go a long way.