Understanding the Role of a Workers Comp Lawyer in Your Case

An attorney can help you file a workers’ compensation claim if you suffer a work-related injury or illness. They can also determine how much your case is worth and negotiate a settlement for you.

Sometimes, insurance representatives try to minimize payouts by denying or delaying claims. They may even deny bona fide claims for dubious reasons. A lawyer can counter these tactics.


They Can Help You Understand Your Rights

A workers comp lawyer’s main task is helping victims understand their rights and how to act upon them. A lawyer can answer questions, fill out paperwork, and ensure everything is filed properly and on time.

For example, suppose an employer or insurance company tries to claim that a pre-existing condition unrelated to the injury is to blame. In that case, an attorney like Hones Law fights for Workers Rights, and will help provide evidence that proves this is untrue. Having an attorney by your side can also help prevent workplace retaliation, such as reducing your hours, demoting you, or firing you after filing a claim.

If needed, a workers comp lawyer can also help you file a workers comp appeal. They can submit a request to the board, take depositions, and help you through the discovery process. They can also present your case to the judge, make opening and closing arguments, and examine witnesses during the hearings. They can also handle any mediations, arbitrations, or trials that may be required.

They Can Help You Gather Evidence

When a workers comp lawyer takes on the case, they can help you gather as much evidence as possible to support your claims. This can include medical records, witness testimonies, and expert testimony. Finding a firm like Larrimer and Larrimer who specialize in this type of claim is crucial. It makes the whole process smoother and raises your chances of a favorable outcome.

They can also help you determine the value of your injury. They will consider things like your future needs, the severity of your injuries, and any losses you have experienced due to your injury.

An attorney can also help you with any issues regarding your employers’ cooperation with the claim process. It is common for some employers to question the severity of an injury or even dispute the fact that it happened at work.

If a workers’ compensation judge rules against you, your attorney can file a request for review with the board. A three-member panel will review, affirm, modify, or rescind the decision. The commission may also decide to set another hearing. This is often the most effective way to get the benefits you need and deserve.

They Can Help You Negotiate With Insurance Companies

A workers comp lawyer can help you negotiate with insurance companies for the best settlement possible. On average, attorneys get injured workers 30% more in compensation than they would. This is because they know how to approach the situation with a firm, professional tone and are experienced in knowing what the case is truly worth.

In cases where the claimant and the insurer cannot agree on a final settlement, the patient will go to a hearing. This is where your workers’ comp attorney will present opening and closing arguments, examine witnesses, and make objections.

The workers’ comp attorney will also prepare medical evidence to support the claimant’s case, including expert witness testimony and physical examinations by physicians whose opinions are unbiased. The lawyers will also assist with obtaining past medical expenses, rehabilitative services, and, if applicable, long-term disability insurance benefits, state short-term disability benefits, and Social Security disability benefits.

They Can Help You File a Claim

Having a workers comp lawyer to help you file your claim correctly. This will ensure that all documents are submitted on time and that all paperwork is present and correct. This will prevent the insurer from denying your claim for small mistakes and make reaching an agreement with them easier.

Workers’ compensation insurance representatives often feel pressure to meet quotas and performance targets, which may cause them to cut corners or unfairly reject claims. A NY workers comp attorney has the skill set and experience to challenge their decision and will present your case effectively at a hearing.

If your employer or insurance company denies a legitimate claim, having a skilled workers comp lawyer on your side is in your best interests during appeals. While hiring a workers’ comp lawyer can seem like an added expense, they typically charge on a contingency basis. They will only get paid if you receive a settlement for lost wages or medical bills.