Florida Man June 2 – From Iguanas to Decapitated Sharks

June 2 has gifted us another riveting chapter in the wild and wacky adventures of the infamous Florida Man. Join us as we embark on a journey to see the bizarre things that Florida man did on June 2.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.


Florida Man June 2 – Stand Your Ground… Against an Iguana?

The first story introduces us to the peculiar case of PJ Nilaja Patterson, a 43-year-old Floridian who attempted to use the controversial Stand Your Ground Law in defense of a most unusual circumstance. Patterson found himself facing accusations of animal cruelty after brutally beating a 3-foot iguana to death.

The Stand Your Ground Law, typically invoked in human confrontations, was employed by Patterson’s legal team to argue that their client was defending himself against the allegedly threatening iguana.

Patterson claimed the iguana had bitten his arm, requiring 22 staples for treatment. The defense argued that the creature posed a genuine threat, arguing that it leaned forward, jaws agape, displaying its pointed teeth.

In Florida, it’s legal to kill iguanas if done humanely, but prosecutors contended that Patterson’s actions far exceeded self-defense. The iguana suffered internal hemorrhage, a fractured pelvis, and a lacerated liver, prompting the prosecution to claim that Patterson “clearly tormented” the creature.

However, Patterson was found guilty and subjected to 9 months in jail.

Florida Man June 2 – Shark in the Cooler

Our next story transports us to the mesmerizing waters of the Florida Keys, where 39-year-old Angel Velazquez found himself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

A deputy arrested Velazquez after spotting him fishing on a bridge and discovering a beheaded and gutted bonnethead shark inside his cooler.

While fishing for sharks isn’t inherently illegal in Florida, owning a skinned, finned, filleted, or beheaded shark in state waters violates regulations.

Florida Man June 2 – Facebook Flashing Fails

In our final story, we witness the folly of Breon Hollings, a 22-year-old Florida Man, who decided to flaunt his alleged drug money on Facebook Live.

In a shirtless display of bravado, Hollings unfolded a stack of dollar bills. He went on to say, “This s**t don’t stop, man!”. Little did he know that his boastful session would come to an abrupt end.

As Hollings proudly showed his gains on the live video, law enforcement officers raided his home. The Facebook Live video did not prompt the pre-scheduled raid, but it coincidentally intercepted his video.


June 2nd in Florida was a day that once again showed the state’s knack for the bizarre.

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