Florida Man June 3 – Cheeseburgers, Pizza, and Box Disguises

Florida man on June 3, a day etched in the annals of eccentricity, treated us to not one but three shocking stories, further solidifying the Sunshine State’s reputation for outlandish tales.

Strap in as we dive into see what Florida man did on June 3.


Florida Man June 3 – Cheeseburger Assault

Our first story transports us into the confounding world of Taylor Allen Stephens, a 23-year-old Floridian whose journey into the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office came with a declaration: “I have problems.”

What might these problems be? Brace yourselves; one of them involves a cheeseburger and an apparent wrestling match with anger management.

Picture this: on May 23, Stephens found himself entangled in a strange act of aggression. In a shocking turn of events, he slammed a pregnant family member to the ground and hurled a cheeseburger directly into her face. Despite making a run, Stephens couldn’t evade the consequences.

A witness stepped forward to verify the victim’s account, leading Stephens to voluntarily surrender to the police. He faced charges of aggravated violence against the pregnant woman.

Florida Man June 3 – Pizza Drama Unfolds

As the curtains rise on our second story, we encounter Daniel Allen Plunkett of Treasure Island, a man with a disdain for pizza that transcends the ordinary.

On the fateful day of June 3, Plunkett engaged in a heated argument with his roommate, Brenda Fiejdasz, about none other than pizza.

In a sauce-drenched spectacle, the shirtless Plunkett flung a slice of pizza at Fiejdasz, landing on her left hand and leaving her shoulder coated in sauce. Miraculously, Fiejdasz emerged unharmed from this peculiar pizza feud.

Plunkett’s defense? Claiming Fiejdasz threw pizza at him. However, the sauce-covered assailant found himself in custody, facing charges of simple violence and violating probation related to a previous driving while intoxicated offense.

Florida Man June 3 – The Box-Wearing Bandit

Our final story features a box-wearing thief caught in the act of a brazen robbery. Surveillance footage revealed the suspect, wearing a cardboard box attempting to conceal their identity, stealing phones from a Florida business. However, in a moment of unmasking folly, the box was lifted, revealing the perpetrator’s face.

The scene unfolded at Irepair Tech in Miami Gardens, where the suspect, armed with a makeshift box mask, wreaked havoc on the store, smashing glass displays and making off with $8,000 in cash and 19 iPhones.

Store owner Jeremias Berganza, quick on his feet, shared the bizarre footage with the community.

In a surprising turn of events, the same plaza becomes the backdrop for the suspect’s arrest later that day. Miami Gardens police arrested the box-wearing thief as he allegedly indulged in a party with friends at a neighboring liquor store.


These tales, while bizarre, are but a glimpse into the daily theatrics that unfold in Florida.

Stay tuned for more wacky exploits or check our previous posts to explore the Florida man’s peculiar adventures. And remember, in the world of Florida Man, there’s never a dull moment!