Florida Man August 1

These stories from Florida man August 1 may seem like a crazy day. However, for the good folks down in Florida it is just another day in the life of a Florida man.

Florida Man always has some stories for us to tell you. However, some of the stories might be a bit upsetting, so viewer discretion is advised.


Florida Man August 1, 2018 – Just a Man and His Gator Grabbing a Few Beers

Jacksonville, Florida. – A friendship between a man and animal is undoubtedly wholesome. However, the people in a store in Jacksonville, Florida, might not have felt this way. 

An uploaded video of the event quickly gained popularity on the internet. The video shows a man carrying his friend, an alligator, in his right hand. While carrying the animal, he goes into a store and browses for certain items he wants to buy. This being a Florida man tale, the items in question were, of course, beer.

At the time, there were many people within the store. They saw the man with this “friend” and decided not to do anything about it at first.

In the video, the man was seen walking to the store’s clerk and asking whether they had beers or not. The clerk’s response, however, is hard to decipher from the video.

The Florida decided to go to the back of the store. The video shows him approaching another person there. Finally, the man got the beers he wanted. Meanwhile the other customers in the store were already rushing out of the store, watching what he was doing. Some of them decided to record the event.

Surely, this is not the kind of event you see every day unless you are a sunshine state resident. One of the customers uploaded the video, and it became viral.

The police department investigated the even. However the police are have been unable to identify the man or his pet alligator.

Florida Man August 1

Florida Man August 1, 2020 – Social Distance Or Else.

Miami, Florida – An angry Florida man knocked a 75-year-old man to the ground for asking somebody to follow the rules of social distancing.

In a more upsetting story. An angry Florida man knocked down an old man who just had heart surgery after he asked them to follow the social distancing procedure. 

The event happened in a store located in Miami, Florida. The man was waiting in the checkout line when a woman got too close.

The man asked the woman to obey the floor’s markings, indicating the proper position for social distancing.

The woman came to the store with a man, the main culprit in this story.

After checking out, the old man, the woman, and the partner left the store. The Florida man then continued on his way to his vehicle. He opened his trunk and put the items he had just bought away.

The woman he had previously confronted and her partner came to him. Her partner punched the man in his chest, immediately causing him to collapse on the ground.

Feeling unsatisfied, the culprit approached the victim more closely and threatens to kill him.

Final Thoughts

Social distancing is essential, people, both for yourself and others. So, don’t be selfish by not following rules or even hurting other people just for your ego. Keep your emotions down, and live with patience.

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