Florida Man October 7 – Get Off My Lawn!

Florida man October 7 brings us two unsurprisingly strange incidents from Florida! 

October 7 amply demonstrates why the Florida man has gained such notoriety. Many of us have liked watching Florida Men get up to all kinds of mischief throughout the year. Whether it is illegal or just plain bizarre, we all like watching the train wreck. Let’s look at what wacky things Florida Man did on October 7.


Florida Man October 7 – Florida Man Threatens With Gun

Police detained a Florida man for threatening a census worker with an assault-style firearm. The worker visited his home as part of the nationwide count of every resident of the United States.

Police arrested Florida man Michael Cooper, 32, after making threats toward Johnny Swinney, a census taker.

According to an incident report, Swinney approached the Florida man as he was sitting on the porch of his home and the census taker introduced himself as a government employee. Neighbors told investigators that Swinney’s U.S. Census Bureau badge was easily visible.

Florida man yelled at Swinney to get out of his house, went inside, and came out brandishing an assault rifle. Swinney ran back to his car to pick up his wife.

Nicole, his wife, said to the police that she observed a Florida man aiming his gun at her husband’s back as he left the house. According to the incident report on October 7, they heard a gun fired in an unidentified direction as soon as they were inside the car.

Florida man reported to the authorities that Swinney was trespassing and he had not seen an ID. He claimed he didn’t want to leave a cartridge in the chamber, so he fired one into the ground.

Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill is the charge against the Florida man. There is no attorney for him on court records. The Florida man is held at the Flagler County Jail on a $7,500 bond.

Florida Man October 7 – Florida Man Holds Woman Hostage and Tries Baby Clothes

On October 7, a woman reported a terrifying and bizarre incident.  

Police detained a Florida man after a woman claimed he held her hostage while breaking into her house and trying on baby clothes.

On October 7, a Florida man broke into a woman’s home and tried on her baby’s clothes. The Florida man then proceeded to masturbate before the cops managed to apprehend him.

Florida Man October 7

Florida man, Christopher Strickland is now being prosecuted for serious sex offenses, violence, theft from a person or dwelling (home invasion), and unnatural and lascivious sex offenses while in the public eye without consent or legal authority.

When Florida man allegedly broke into the woman’s house at around 6 am on October 7, he was sporting a bra and a pink headrest with a camouflage pattern.


The world is a big place, but for some reason, this weird content mostly comes from Florida. 

From threatening with a gun to wearing a woman’s baby clothes, Florida man has done many weird things throughout the year. 

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