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How to Choose The Right Paint for Your Home Interior

Choosing the right interior color can help you make or break your entire space. While it might be a simple background color, but one that sets the tone for your entire home.

Before you head out to pick the perfect color, we would like to remind you that there are only seven colors in the paint spectrum. Meaning, the base colors you have access to are red, yellow, orange, blue, green, violet, and indigo. It’s best to keep these colors in mind, and even eliminate a few of them before you head to the paint shop. 

To help ensure you make the right choice, we have listed down a few tips that can help you choose the right paint for your home interior.


Consider the Furniture

An easy way to ensure your background paint color complements the room is to match it to your furniture. Contrasting colors are a great choice when looking for bold options. However, there is a line you must draw. To ensure you make the right choice we suggest you pick three colors from the furniture. These basic three will help you get around 15 to 20 choices. From which you can narrow down a color that compliments all three tones.

Consider the Feeling

Once you have narrowed down the color take a moment and consider the feeling the color has to offer. Remember that every room in your home has a purpose, and every purpose is associated with a feeling. For instance, you wish to feel relaxed and comfortable in your bedroom. While you wish to stay alert and sharp in your home office. Once the color you have chosen offers you a feeling that compliments the room you are on the right track. 

Consider the Room

The next step is to consider the room you will be painting, and think of the amount of natural light the room gets. Every room in your home is different and must be treated in a different manner. For instance, when looking to make a room look cozy or large we suggest you use warmer shades of white. However, when looking to create a clean crisp look, we suggest you lean towards slightly tinted yet ash-white tones.

Consider the Layout

If you live in an open-plan space, that does not mean you have to stick to a single color. You can easily break up the space using colors. However, the trick here is to consider the layout and create a flow that compliments each other. While creating a statement that looks spectacular on its own. At such a point you can lean towards two different sides, you can go with cool greens, blues, bright whites, or warm orange, reds, or yellows.

Consider the Architecture

The paint color you choose must complement the architecture of your home. Think about the mantels, molding, bookcase, arched doorways, doors, windows, and wainscoting. These small touches have a huge impact on the room, which is why you must consider them when choosing the perfect interior color for your home. Using these architectural additions to your advantage you can easily create a space that compliments every single aspect of your home.

These five considerations can help you settle on a color or a range of hues based on your personal preference and idea. We suggest taking these on with a clear head, meaning it’s best to postpone a trip to the paint shop. Once you have considered all the aspects and narrowed down the pool, it’s time to head to the paint shop. 

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