Florida Man June 25

Florida man June 25 is packed full of all the crazy antics we have come to expect out of Florida man.

No matter what day of the year you look at, Florida Man is always doing something, this is no different.

Take a look at some of the crazy things he did on June 25th.


Florida Man June 25 : Naked in Walmart Parking Lot

Police arrested a Florida Man on June 25th after they found him running naked through a Walmart parking lot.

When police found the man they were having a lot of trouble identifying him as he wasn’t carrying any ID. The officers arrested the Florida man and later refused to comment anymore on the case. 

Florida Man June 25 : Rides On Hood of Car

Stupid isn’t something that is unheard of when it comes to Florida Man but this one definitely is pushing the limits.

On June 25 drivers spotted a Florida Man riding on the hood of a car as it sped down a Florida highway. A car next to the Florida Man was able to catch the incident on film. 

While on the hood, Florida Man was holding on with only one hand despite the fact that the car was going 70 miles per hour.

In the other hand, Florida Man was holding his phone. The person recording the incident noticed that the woman in the car appeared to be on the phone too and believes the two were talking.

Florida Man and the woman driving managed to lose the cameraman in traffic. The police were unable to catch up to them.

The police still have not managed to identify the pair.

June 25th Florida Man : Calls In Bomb Threat

A Florida man who was on parole didn’t want to go to his parole meeting at the local parole office. Instead of going, he requested that the parole officer meet him at his home.

When the parole officer refused, Florida Man thought he had a brilliant idea, he called in a bomb threat to the parole office.

The parole office called the police. The building was immediately evacuated and searched. It didn’t take long for them to track the phone number that called the threat back to the man who didn’t want to go to his parole meeting.

So instead of taking a few minutes out of his day to go to the parole meeting, Florida Man was instead sent to jail. 

Florida Man and Trump Ecstacy

Police were responding to a call for an overdose and searched a Florida Man’s home. Police identified pills they found as ecstasy.

That isn’t too abnormal in Florida but what is abnormal is the fact the pills were orange and shaped like ex-President Donald Trump. Police stated that this was the first time they had seen ecstasy in this particular shape. 

Florida Man June 25 : The Drugs That Weren’t His

Florida Man often claims that drugs that are found on or around him aren’t his. Most people do after all. When Police pulled over a Florida Man it didn’t take too long for them to find out that he had drugs.

The hiding spot was unusual though. Florida Man had multiple types of drugs wrapped around his penis.

Police removed the drugs and arrested the Florida Man. Florida Man maintained that the drugs were not his. He would not say who the drugs wrapped around his private parts belonged to though. 

Florida Man Pretends to be Fireworks

Every year there are some people who just aren’t happy with fireworks going off. In the part of Florida where this Florida Man is from, there are three days a year when fireworks are legal.

Florida Man still wasn’t happy with that though. On June 25th, Florida Man walked around an apartment complex for a whole night pretending to be a firework.

He would yell and make firework noises. A few residents even yelled at him to stop. 

Florida Man wouldn’t stop though and was even caught on the cameras at the complex. Fortunately for Florida Man, there is no law about pretending to be fireworks. At the same time, Florida Man came quite close to violating the noise ordinances that are in place. Police were not able to identify the crazed man. 


Florida Man can’t stop being himself. Take a look at some of the things that Florida Man has done on other days of the year in our other articles. We have plenty of them for you to check out.

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