Tales of Florida Man August 16

Florida Man is back for another day of tales. Everything he does is noteworthy but in some cases more so than others. Today we are going to take a look at what he has done on August 16. If this is your birthday you might want to brace yourself for some stories that will feel absolutely ridiculous.


August 16, 2019: Florida Man and the Bathroom Wine

Florida Man are most well-known for liking beer and hard liquor. It turns out they like wine too. While in a Walmart, Florida Man grabbed a bottle of wine and put it down his pants. A $7 bottle of wine in his pants, he headed to the bathroom and started to chug the wine. 

A little bit drunker, Florida Man attempted to leave the store without paying for the bottle of wine that he drank. He was arrested on a theft charge. The theft wasn’t Florida Man’s first charge. He has been arrested quite a few times, including for DUI, battery, and possession.

August 16, 2019: Florida Man and Dirt

Florida Man August 16 in this case asked his girlfriend to meet him near his place of business. His girlfriend showed up but in a car that belonged to someone, he didn’t know. She refused to tell him who owned the car; as you probably guessed, this angered Florida Man. Florida Man took his front-loader and dumped red dirt onto the car and into the open window.

August 16, 2018: Florida Man and the Raccoon

Trapping a nuisance animal is a pretty normal activity in Florida. It is more humane than what some parts of Florida do after all. This is exactly what Florida Man claims he did when he caught a raccoon. Unfortunately, his plans for what he did after the nuisance was caught were not humane.

Florida Man took the raccoon and attempted to burn it alive. Officers arrived before the raccoon was killed by the fire but were unable to save him. They had to euthanize the raccoon.

Florida has set several ways that you can humanely kill an animal when it is a nuisance but burning isn’t one of them. This Florida Man was arrested on a charge of animal cruelty resulting in death. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the Florida Man August 16 stories vary in the nature that present. From crazy dog men to animal killers. We are sorry if August 16th is your birthday because these stories probably don’t leave you that confident. For those who are interested in these stories, make sure to check out the other Florida Man stories we have. Check out what he did the day before.

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