Florida Man September 11 – He Never Stops

Hello everyone, back at it again, today we are talking about Florida Man September 11.

September 11 is a mixed-emotion day for Florida Man. There’s happiness and wholesomeness on one side, while there’s also a tragedy on the other.

So, what did Florida Man do on September 11?


Florida Man September 11, 2019 – Spotted a Firefighter Chasing an Angel Cloud

OAKLEAF, Fla. – A captivating photo was taken on September 11 showing clouds forming a firefighter running to an angel.

Matt Snow captured the photo on his way to work on Wednesday, September 11. He said later in the interview that the event happened exactly during the middle of the day of 9/11,

THE day. It happened exactly on the same date, and he happened to spot it immediately. He later posted the photo on Facebook.

Snow, who worked as a teacher on Oakleaf, told Fox 35 that he had to do a double-take. He just couldn’t believe what he saw.

He and his wife are teachers, and they usually rode together to school. How on 9/11, out of all days, could the clouds looked like that.

Florida Man September 11, 2020 – Arrested After Beating an Elderly Victim

WINTER PARK, Fla. – An elderly man was attacked by another patron after he asked why he wasn’t wearing a mask. The elderly was beaten, spit on, and kicked in the head.

In the more tragic story for today, Florida Man Rovester Ingram attacked an elderly man aged 70. He asked why Ingram wasn’t wearing a mask in public.

Since he wasn’t wearing a mask, the elderly asked the man to keep some distance from him.

A fierce argument happened, and the victim chose to leave the scene with his purchased items. Ingram then followed after him.

He punched the victim in the face, according to the record. The victim tried to go back to the store to avoid further attacks, but Ingram followed him again and attacked him brutally not long after. 

As Ingram repeatedly beat him, spat on him, and then kicked him in the head before the culprit left the scene.

After the police arrived, the victim told the police that the guy just beat the hell out of him, as shown by the CCTV. The victim suffered serious injuries, including broken bones.

A surveillance video helped the police to identify the culprit. According to the affidavit, Ingram told the police that the victim was aggressive and crazy.

He just snapped and hit the poor victim in the face. Police arrested Ingram not long after on battery and kidnapping charges.

Final Thoughts

Well, we sure have mixed feelings about the stories of Florida Man September 11.

The day was indeed wholesome for Snow, who successfully captured the clouds showing the form of a firefighter running to an angel on the day of 9/11.

But, it’s also a bad day for the victim of Ingram’s brutality; no one deserves that. No matter what happens, let’s keep our cool and don’t let emotions drive our actions. It’ll never bring you any good.

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